What Determines the Gender of a Baby?

I often write about ways that you can naturally influence your baby's gender.  I'm very commonly asked "what really determines the gender of my baby?" or "is it the mother or the father that determines the baby's sex?"  In truth, your baby's gender is influenced by a combination of a few things, (that come from both the male and the female).  These things will ultimately determine whether you have a girl or a boy baby.  I'll break all of these things down in this article and will explain how you can use and manipulate these things to your advantage to conceive the gender that you want.  

The Biggest Variable In Determining A Baby's Gender: If I had to pinpoint the most important or persuasive thing that determined a baby's gender or sex, it would be whether the father -to - be's X (girl producing) or Y (boy producing) sperm reached and fertilized the mother - to - be's waiting egg first.


In short, a man's sperm contains X and Y chromosomes within it.  This naturally happens without your having to do anything. If the Y (which is by far the fastest of the two) wins, then a boy baby will be the result.  If the slow but very strong X sperm emerges victorious, then paint the nursery pink.

What Determines the Gender of a Baby?

This sounds easy and simple.  In truth, there are often many variables that can influence the end result.  The Y or boy sperm are very fast so at first glance they would seem to have an advantage, but nature has balanced things out by making the boy sperm speedy and weak and by making the girl sperm strong and slow.  Knowing this, there are several things that a couple can control and manipulate to ensure that they give the sperm chromosome containing the gender that they want the best advantage.

How To The Female Or Mother-To-Be Influences A Baby's Gender: So, I've discussed how the man's chromosomes influence a baby's sex and gender.  Now,  I will discuss how the female also plays an important roll.  We know that the boy sperm are very weak.  They begin to weaken and die off very quickly after release.  They can not withstand a hostile environment for any real length of time.  The opposite is true for girl sperm, who are rarely shaken by even the most harsh of environments.  When I say environment, I am talking about a woman's vaginal or reproductive tract.  And, I'm looking at this environment in terms of being acidic or alkaline. 

Each woman will fall in either category.  Some women are naturally acidic and some are naturally alkaline. A mother - to - be who is acidic is more likely to have a girl baby, as the boy sperm will die off much faster when faced with a high PH. Likewise, if you're naturally alkaline, your body is more friendly to boy sperm and you are therefore more likely to produce a boy.  You can find out which category you are in by testing your PH with little strips you can get at a health food store.  Once you know your reading, you can then make adjustments to bring your PH up or down depending on which gender you want.

The adjustments that I mean are a high or low PH diet and / or douching with solutions meant to get your reading to where it needs to be to conceive the baby you want.  Before you discount this as too hard, understand that this is not really too difficult if you approach it with a bit of discipline.  Yes, it's a diet and diets are rarely fun, but you aren't limiting your calories.  You're just eating and eliminating foods that would raise (if you want a boy) or lower (if you want a girl) the PH that you already have.  And, you only have to do this until you get to where you need to be. 

In terms of douching, I know some see this as an old fashioned method, but it works and it works quickly.  If you are using the testing strips, you'll see that douching with the right ingredients are the fastest way to get the most dramatic results.  And, there are douche recipes and food / diet instructions that can eliminate a lot of the hard work and / or guessing.

How Timing And Sexual Positions Also Play A Role In Your Baby's Sex Or Gender: Natural gender selection is all about giving a longer, harder trip to the gender chromosome that you don't.  Along those same lines, when and how conceive also plays a role. Conceiving early in your fertility cycle favors a female baby because Y sperm won't live long enough in this scenario.  Likewise, conceiving late in the cycle would favor a boy.

In much the same way, using deep penetration sexual positions favor a male baby because it gives the Y sperm a shorter, easier trip, while using shallow penetration favors a girl.

For best results (over 90%) you really have to take the multi pronged approach and use all of these variables together.  If you alter your sexual positions, but neglect timing and PH, then you're likely allowing some of the chromosomes you don't want to slip through. 

What Determines the Gender of a Baby?

I've put together a few websites that take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby's gender. You'll find step by step instructions, resources, douche recipes and food lists, tips, support, and examples of ovulation predictors / PH testing strips.

If you want a girl baby, check out http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com/

If you want a boy baby, check out http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby?

If you are planning on having children, you might want to ask how much does it cost to have a baby. When deciding on having children, one has to be prepared mentally, physically and of course financially. It involves long term planning, because you may keep taking care of them till they turn eighteen or more.

Having babies can be a rewarding and joyous experience but, this however is not the cheapest thing in the world to do. The cost of having a baby can vary from one couple to another, and may be based on individual circumstances. It not only deals with the money spent while trying to raise them, it also deals with the money that will be lost as a result of having a child.


There are many things that may consume money when having children, but here are some things to put in consideration. The cost of supplies like nappies, creams, milk, cereals, etc all add up to certain amount each week depending on the frequency of usage. Aside from this you also need to put into consideration things like the cot, walker, highchair and other equipments.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby?

Clothes are another thing that consumes money. This is because babies grow so fast and clothes may need to be replaced every three months depending on how quick the baby is growing. Gifts from friends and families may help a great deal when it comes to clothing.

Childcare costs also come in as well, as you may spend a fair amount on nannies, babysitters or nurseries. This is because at a point in time you may want some free time alone or probably return to work. Having family or friends who may be available on demand to help in babysitting may save some of this money.

Giving up work for certain period to take care of the child should also come into consideration. While there is no reward like devoting precious time in taking care of a child, the money you may lose while off work, also counts. Except if there is an alternative source of income, this is expensive.

When it is time for the child's birthday or during holidays like Christmas, a considerable amount also goes into buying gifts. You also need to make plans for times when additional expenses may pop-up like taking the child to the hospital. Education and learning instruments should also go into the budget.

For some people it may take as much as a 0,000 or even more to take care of a child up to the age of eighteen. Again all these depend on the parent or guardian involved, place of resident, circumstances and taste of the parent(s). You can also get more information from friends and family who have been there before in other to have an idea of what to expect.

So how much does it cost to have a baby? When making a plan like this, you have to put the future into consideration, because having a baby does not stop at infancy. Being financially stable is vital when thinking of having children.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby?

Having-a-Baby.net features all of the information that you need to be aware of when having a baby from trying to get pregnant, how much does it cost to have a baby to baby birth delivery. Visit our website now! Having-a-Baby.net

Five Unique Handmade Baby Gifts to Make For Baby Showers

If you are looking for baby gifts to make but are bored with the standard blanket and baby booties, here are five unique and unusual (yet still functional!) gifts to create that would be perfect baby shower gifts.

  • Time Capsule - Don't you wish someone had made you a time capsule of things from the year you were born? Collect newspaper and magazine clippings of current events, trends and fashion, a small toy from the most current hot children's movie and last, but not least, take photos of their home and their city! Document their neighborhood, take snapshots at the local grocery store, the post office, cars on the street, the local school, the front of their house, their parents and their family! Include notes from family members and a special letter from you introducing them to the world. Collect it all and put it in a decorative wooden keepsake box, leaving some room for the parents to add some things of their own. Just think what a treasure this will be when they are your age!
  • Padded Mat - No, it isn't just another boring blanket! This time, create an extra thick and padded blanket, a cushy surface that will be perfect for tummy time, even on hardwood floors. Get creative with it and add "activity" toys to it, such as detachable soft toys, flaps that hide bright pictures and small ribbon tags. You could even line the bottom with waterproof PUL fabric which will turn it into the perfect outside on wet grass park blanket.
  • Name Blocks - Purchase enough blank wooden blocks at a craft store to spell out baby's name. Decorate each block with the letter an/or images that start with that letter. You could paint with non-toxic acrylic paint, decoupage with paper or fabric or wood burn your design. For design ideas, look at the crib bedding set that the parents registered for and use the same theme or color scheme on your blocks.
  • Mix CD - Make baby a mix CD? Yes! Create a mix CD of soothing music, classical is an obvious choice but get creative with music in your collection or check out iTunes for lullaby ideas. Alternatively, a fun and upbeat mix of baby friendly music might be just the thing! Face it, most music marketed towards babies is terrible and many parents would love to have a "normal music" CD to listen to that is still baby friendly.
  • Handmade Books - You can purchase blank board books that are the perfect canvas for your own stories! If baby will live far away from extended family, create a story using real photos of family members so that baby can get to know them. Or, create a funny story about the family pet, your own version of an alphabet book, a picture book with different kinds of cars or butterflies, etc. Draw your own or create collages from actual photographs or magazine pictures.


Have fun creating some unique handmade baby gifts for your next baby shower! These fun projects will be appreciated by both the parents and the baby, which is exactly what a handmade baby gift should be about.

Five Unique Handmade Baby Gifts to Make For Baby Showers
Five Unique Handmade Baby Gifts to Make For Baby Showers

Amber Dusick is the editor of MakeBabyStuff.com at http://www.make-baby-stuff.com where you will find baby crafts, free patterns for baby clothes, homemade baby toys and tons of DIY crafty projects for all things baby! Your how-to resource for baby's homemade lifestyle.

Premature Baby Charity Knitting Patterns

Do you want to knit for a good cause? Wondering where to start? Is there a need?

Yes there is!


Whether you are nutty about knitting or an eager novice with your needles paused there are lots of charities to choose from. Knitting for charity can definitely be fun, but it can also be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you'll ever do.

Premature Baby Charity Knitting Patterns

Have you knitted for your children? Your grandchildren? Your friends' children? Your friends' childrens' children? Knitting baby clothes is quick and rewarding but sometimes there are just not enough babies in your social circle to knit for. If you love knitting beautiful little items of baby clothing then why not think about charity knitting for premature babies?

There are lots of ways that you can click your knitting needles for a worthy cause. The information here will help you begin charity knitting for premature babies. There is something sweet about knitting a little item for the tiniest of babies. Not only are you providing an individual gift for someone who urgently needs it, but also baby clothes are quick and simple to make! So it's gratifying in more ways than one. Even if you're a novice this is a venture you can start and see through right to the end. Read on for some great general guidance on charity knitting for premature babies and some details of particular charities you can have a look at before you decide who to knit for. The charities often offer free knitting patterns.

Where can I find Premature Baby Charity Knitting Patterns?

  • Bliss
One of the many ways that you can support Bliss is by knitting for babies in special care units. Knitted items are most helpful for babies about to go home, but there is also a need for blankets and hats for babies in hospital. Knitted items are often not suitable for intensive care units - stitched cotton is preferable. However for larger babies, and in high dependency and special care units, knitted items are often very welcome.

Bliss asks that to reduce their costs volunteer knitters help by sending items direct to their local unit, and not to Bliss. To find the address of your local unit, and to check which items they have requested to receive, please contact Bliss via their website.

Bliss also use Knitted breasts. The knitted breasts allow nurses to easily demonstrate to women important massage techniques that let them stimulate their milk production and express their valuable first drops of milk. They are particularly helpful when there are language barriers. Woollen breasts are a brilliant free alternative to expensive teaching aids that are used by health professionals to educate new mothers to express by hand before going on to use an electric pump.

  • Bonnie Babies
This charity sends premature baby outfits and blankets to special care baby units around the UK and to parents who need support. A mother who needed a way to deal with the loss of her premature child founded Bonnie Babies six years ago. Bonnie Babies makes premature clothing, blankets, and burial outfits for U.K. Special Baby Care Units and families. Their aim is to show each mother and family that there are people thinking of them and caring for them.

Bonnie Babies mainly makes blankets for premature babies. They provide patterns for toys, hats, and sweaters (including a "5 Hour Baby Sweater!"), but blankets are quick, simple to make, and guaranteed to fit. Families can then continue to treasure them long after the child is grown.

Feed the Children

Feed The Children is a UK charity that has a knitting pattern for a jumper appropriate for children of all ages. They are also look for knitted hats, gloves and scarves.

  • Early Angels
This is a site based in the U.K set up to help people to knit, crochet or sew clothes, blankets and other keepsakes for premature, low birth weight and sadly stillborn babies. They have a wide range of free knitting, crochet and sewing patterns accessible on their pattern page.

The charities have a lot of information on their websites, below is some general advice to help you get those needles clicking.


Pastel colours are the most popular. Apart from baby pinks and blues other colours, which may be chosen, are: Lemon, Cream, White, Mint Green, Peach, Lilac and Aqua. It is accepted that bright and dark colours should be avoided as they often make premature babies look frailer. When knitting burial garments the advice suggests its best to use colours such as white or cream and to avoid pinks, blues and lilacs, as they are not appropriate for the colouring of a stillborn baby.


Premature babies have very delicate skin and can often be allergic to wool; therefore it is best to steer clear of garments made with a wool mix. Acrylic yarn is more appropriate when knitting for preemies. Ideal yarn to use for preemie knits is baby double knit or 4ply yarn. Most preemie patterns will use these.


Don't put too much importance on trying to perfect the size of a preemie item of clothing. There is a great difference between premature baby sizes and so an item of any size should be suitable for at least one baby. As a general guide premature babies head circumference is roughly the same as their chest circumference. The average premature babies chest measurements are 8"-14". However clothes of all sizes are needed for preemies, so no matter how big or small your item is it will most likely fit at least one baby.


Plain flat half-inch buttons are best to use for fastening. Avoid nylon and metal fastenings, as they get very hot under the incubator heaters. Do not use Velcro as a fastening, it is very scratchy on the hook side and also damages knitted garments when they are laundered. Ease of dressing is vital for preemies and as a general rule it is best not to use ribbon as a fastening as ribbon can often be fussy to tie on a garment so small.

The charities involved usually have free knitting patterns and advice on their websites so do not be worried by all the details as you really will be able to find a garment to suit both your knitting skills and the babies needs

Knitting items for premature babies can be very worthwhile and rewarding. It is definitely appreciated by the charities and the families who receive them. If you are excited by the prospect of getting your knitting needles working for charity and want to explore charity knitting for other organisations here are some other ideas to help your search.

Charity Clowns

Teddies for Tragedies

Algerian Action

Save the Children

Knitting for Operation Christmas Child

The Sailors' Society

Loving Hands

Operation Elderly Charity Stitcher

The Baby Pack Project

I hope you find the right premature baby charity knitting patterns to suit your skills and enjoy the rewards of knitting for charity.

Find out more

Premature Baby Charity Knitting Patterns

I am a mom to one gorgeous little boy who was impatient to be born, arriving early at 34 weeks. I am not a great knitter but know the importance of donated items to mothers of premature babies. Find out more:


Baby Bad Breath

Most babies have sweet smelling breath, but occasionally baby bad breath does occur. It can be a particular problem upon waking, after the baby has been asleep for a few hours - like morning breath in adults. During sleep, the mouth is typically relaxed and motionless, there is decreased saliva production, and bacteria that live in the mouth cavity have an opportunity to multiply undisturbed. Some of these bacteria can produce the unpleasant odor we associate with bad breath, and when they multiply to sufficient numbers, the odor becomes detectable.

If you think that "morning breath" is causing bad breath in baby, try treating it by cleansing the mouth before putting baby down for a nap. If baby is very young and has no teeth, encourage a water rinse to flush traces of formula or bits of food out of cracks and crevices. If baby has teeth, a gentle brushing and a rinse should help. Rinsing and brushing upon waking can be helpful too. (Fluoridated toothpastes should be used very sparingly in young children, and brushing should always be supervised even when your child is old enough to begin brushing on her own.) If these measures relieve the baby bad breath, you needn't do more.


However, if bad breath in baby persists after brushing and cleansing, there may be another problem. Does baby use a soother or habitually suck on some other object like a blanket or stuffed toy? An object that is continually put into the mouth gets coated with saliva and oral bacteria and can develop an unpleasant odor. Though the smell may not be offensive to your child, it can contribute to lingering bad odors in the vicinity of baby, and to baby bad breath. The simple solution is to wash or replace the offending item regularly. Eventually, your child will give up the sucking habit and the problem will disappear on its own.

Baby Bad Breath

Occasionally bad breath in baby has a more sinister cause. If your efforts to solve the problem are fruitless, you should consult your pediatrician or family doctor. The physician will check for signs of throat or sinus infection, infection somewhere in the mouth, tooth decay, or a foreign object lodged in a nasal passage. Sinus congestion can contribute to baby bad breath as well, by causing baby to breathe through the mouth: dry mouth is a cause of breath odor in both children and adults because saliva is naturally antibacterial and, in a healthy mouth, it keeps the population of odor causing bacteria at a minimum.

Once again, baby bad breath is relatively unusual: if simple measures don't solve the problem, your child should be seen by a medical professional to rule out more serious problems.

Baby Bad Breath

R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. She is a contributing editor to Bad Breath Cure, a blog dedicated to the treatment of bad breath.

Care for a Baby Bearded Dragon Lizard

The bearded dragon lizard, a native of Australia, is one of the most popular choices when choosing a reptile as a house pet. Mainly due to its docile and friendly disposition, this sociable reptile has been gracing pet stores and houses at an increasing rate.

Adopting the bearded dragon lizard as part of the family requires planning and care. Below are some guidelines that can be used in caring for the baby bearded dragon that will become the newest member of your family.


1. Baby bearded dragons require a lot o food to support their rapid growth rate. Between the first 3-6 weeks, feed your baby dragon about 2-3 times a day. Cricket, veggies, and greens can be used while watering can be done once or twice daily. It is rule of thumb that the food you will feed them must be about half the size as the distance between his eyes. This is to ensure that your dragon will not suffer from terminal indigestion.

Care for a Baby Bearded Dragon Lizard

2. Check for parasites regularly. Although they are parasite-free upon purchase, being bred in captivity, there is always the danger of parasite infestation once your baby dragon has been exposed to the elements, especially to the bugs, worms, and crickets he will be fed with.

3. Provide ample space for your dragon to grow in. The recommended size is a 10 gallon aquarium for a newly hatched dragon, while a 20 gallon tank is needed in the next six months due to your baby dragon's speedy growth. When your bearded dragon reaches adulthood, the size should be changed to a 50 gallon tank to provide enough space for basking, exercise and growth.

4. Clean the baby dragon's house regularly. Since bearded dragons are messy creatures, their homes must be cleaned twice a day. It is a danger for a baby dragon's health if their surroundings are not kept clean because their young age makes them more susceptible to fleas and diseases. The highest mortality rate of bearded dragons take place during their first month.

5. Provide temperature control in your baby dragon's tank. This can be done by using a temperature gradient. There should a spot warm enough for the baby dragon to bask and lie in and there should be a spot humid enough to answer to the dragon's need for water. Baby bearded dragons need water both as a drink and in the air to aid their growth in the first months of their life. Lack of humidity in the air can actually cause your baby dragon to shed.

6. Provide UV light. The light should imitate the one given off by the sun as this helps in your baby dragon's digestion. Working in a way much like photosynthesis, UV light encourages healthy digestion in your dragon. This is especially important for baby dragons as they are always in danger of indigestion due to your young age and reduced capacity to absorb food in large sizes.

7. It is recommended to use paper towels as your baby dragon's substrate. Its is clean, easy to replace when dirty, and inedible.

8. Handle your dragon daily. This will develop their trust towards humans and build their bond with you. Just make sure that you are gentle in handling them and that you never pick them up them up with their tail. They dislike this and will make them thrash about, which is harmful for your baby dragon. You may choose to scoop them up with your cupped hands.

Care for a Baby Bearded Dragon Lizard

Michael Torresi is a freelancer and lizard expert. For more tips on raising Bearded Dragons Lizards and having them live 3 times longer, go to http://www.beardeddragonsecrets.com/tips.html

Baby Clipart For All Your Baby Shower Printing Needs

Baby clipart is the perfect accent to all of your baby shower printing needs. Whether announcements, invitations, thank you notes or stationery. Baby shower clip art can help you design the perfect original card or flyer for any event, but it's most suitable for baby showers.

Free Baby clip art can be found at many places on the Internet. Try browsing through the thousands of high quality baby clip art pictures to be found at Babycrayons.com. You will find lots of appropriate images for your free clipart needs. This is a wide category that contains many different style and designs perfect for any shower or baby clipart need including baby boy clip art and baby girl clip art.


Baby clipart can be cute, funny, or sentimental. You have babies alone, babies with bottles, babies with teddy bears, babies with blankets or tucked in a cradle. You will find baby clip art pictures of babies with diapers, babies with no diapers, babies with a brother or sister, babies with a cute animal or pet.

Baby Clipart For All Your Baby Shower Printing Needs

Everyone knows that babies are so cute! They are cuddly and adorable and we know that everyone enjoys looking at them, so adding baby clipart to your shower planning is a smart move to make. Clipart is not hard to find and often it is free for you to use as you need. Whether clipart is free or even if you decide to pay a small fee for access to even more baby shower clipart, there will be lots of things you can use it for.

Don't forget to think about the baby birth announcements, invitations, thank your notes or stationery. Baby clip art can be the perfect accent to any of these needs.

Whatever baby clip art you decide to use, be sure to keep a common theme throughout all of your projects. For instance, having matching thank you notes is a nice compliment to your invitations. Also, having personalized stationery for the mother to write her own personal thank you notes would be a wonderful idea.

Do not clutter up your projects with too many different baby clip art pictures. This can look messy and unprofessional. Also, you need to pay attention to things like size, color, and format. There are many design tips that you can refer to on the Internet.

There's no better way to have fun with a newborn's arrival than to make all of the special mementos yourself. If you use the Internet, you have millions of creative possibilities at your fingertips, and you can use your free time to create completely original designs using baby clipart.

These will be your memories, you should make them as you see fit! And if you need an extra copy of an invitation or an announcement you don't have to worry about the time it takes to reorder or have to wait weeks for delivery. You'll save on time and shipping costs, and be able use your money for other special baby needs.

Using baby clipart is a great way to save money, utilize your own creative talents, and design high quality baby shower clipart invitations and birth announcements. Don't forget baby shower thank you notes! Whatever images or pictures you choose, whether sweet and playful or sentimental and formal, there are plenty of baby clipart options for you to choose from.

You can use clipart to create beautiful baby shower keepsakes and scrapbooking accents for you and your family and friends. Experiment with sizes, colors and baby shower themes. You're sure to find the perfect baby clipart images to suit any design need. A little practice and patience makes baby clipart perfect!

Baby Clipart For All Your Baby Shower Printing Needs

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Randy currently has websites dealing with Baby Furniture Reviews [http://www.baby-furniture-and-bedding.com/index.html] and Shaving & Hair Removal.

Adopt a Virtual Baby Online

Virtual pets have always been very popular, but now it's becoming more and more common to adopt a virtual baby online. This is a baby that you will look after just like a real life baby. You'll play with it, feed it, give it toys and, most importantly of all, provide it with a nice home.

When it comes to adopting your own baby on the internet you'll first need to find a website that offers the service. The good news is that more and more sites now have virtual babies to adopt for free. All it takes is a few minutes to sign up, and to do this you'll need an email address and to enter a few personal details such as your name and address.


Next you will need to choose the baby to adopt. You will be given a number of different options, after which you should enter the name and gender of your baby. It really is that quick - you now have your very own virtual baby to take care of! You are going to have to log back into the site regularly in order to make sure that your baby always stays looked after and happy. Some websites will allow you to download a program so you don't have to log in to the website all the time.

Adopt a Virtual Baby Online

Many websites that allow you to adopt a virtual baby online will also let you show off your baby on sites like Facebook or MySpace, helping you to get your friends involved so you can all watch each other's progress.

Adopt a Virtual Baby Online

Adopt a virtual baby at the author's website by clicking here.

Ways to Get Pregnant With a Boy Baby

If you're trying to conceive a baby boy, you should know that there are several things that you can do at home to help you accomplish this goal. These things are not that difficult, but they do require planning, patience, a bit of diligence, and the correct tools. Luckily, many of them are things that you will already be doing any way in an attempt to conceive. You'll just be tweaking them a little bit to tip the odds in your favor of having the boy that you want. So, let's get to it.

Timing Your Conception To Occur At The End Of Your Fertility Cycle To Conceive A Boy: Most people know that timing your conception will influence your baby's gender, but not every one understands why. The sperm that produces a male baby and a girl baby are very different from one another. The girl sperm are the slow, poky, but unwavering and hardy warriors, while the boy sperm are very quick, but are also just as quick to burn out and die off, making them much more vulnerable.


So, if you want a boy, timing becomes extremely important. Because, if you are too early, the boy sperm are vulnerable to weakness or dying off if they have to wait for the egg. In the best case scenario, the boy sperm are fresh and ready to go when the egg is released. This is most likely to occur on the day of or the day following ovulation.

Ways to Get Pregnant With a Boy Baby

Many people are content to guess at this, but don't. Because this step is just too important to ignore. I recommend using saliva ovulation predictors, but urine works too. Find a method that gives you a warning of when ovulation is approaching so that you can be prepared to pounce when the time is right.

Ways To Have Intercourse To Get A Boy Baby: So, we've discussed when to send the boy sperm to the egg, now we'll discuss how to do this and why it's important. Again, remembering that the boy sperm are extremely vulnerable, you want to make their exposure between release and the egg as short and as quick as possible. The best way to do this is to use sexual positions that allow for deep penetration. (Remember to do this on the day of ovulation, or at most on the day after. Even a day early or a day later can make all the difference.)

How (and Why) To Alkalize Your Body (Lowering Your PH And Acidity) To Get A Boy Baby: I've covered when and how to get the boy sperm to the promised land of conception. Now, I'll cover the last, but equally important, step. This is creating an environment that is not going to kill of these guys before they even have a chance. Because the sperm that will give you a son can not thrive for very long if your vaginal PH is too high. Most women will need to lower it, however one way to be sure is to use PH testing strips. This will tell you how alkaline you naturally are and how much you'll need to tweak this before you are ready to conceive a boy.

How do you tweak? There are a few ways. You can go on a low PH or alkalizing diet and / or you can douche with solutions that lower acidity. A friend of mine who has interstitial cystitis (bladder sensitivity) told me that the boy diet was actually pretty close to the low acid diet she is on because the acidic foods irritate her bladder.

The douching part is typically not as bad as you might think either. The solutions are more than baking soda and water, but usually you don't have to do this for too long (especially if you use the diet concurrently) until you are at the optimum level.

Putting It All Together: Hopefully, you can see that none of these steps are too difficult. The key is to methodically address each of them, because doing so will give you the best chance (as high as roughly 94% if you play your cards right) of success. It's really just a matter of having a plan, having the tools, and having the discipline to follow through.

Ways to Get Pregnant With a Boy Baby

Conceive A Boy is a website I set up to make the process of having a son a bit easier. I've included step by step instructions and resources for the douching recipes, food lists, and PH testing strips mentioned in this article as well as hints, tips, and support. Check it out if you like at http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/

Potty Training Your Baby - The Basics

Every mother looks forward to the time when her baby is potty trained. No one likes changing diapers, and being potty trained means that your child is developing. Just realize that all children are different and each will be ready when they are ready. Sounds redundant, but really, some are ready as early as 18 months while others are not ready until they are three. Your baby is an individual and will accomplish this milestone when the time is right.

You can look for signs that your baby may be ready to take this step. How well do they follow instructions? Can they walk and sit easily? These things can signal that the time is about right. It is never a good idea to try and force the issue. This just upsets and scares baby, and will frustrate you.


Invest in a good potty chair

Potty Training Your Baby - The Basics

Investing in a child's potty chair is the first step. Potty chairs can alleviate a child's fears of falling in the toilet and make them feel more secure about this process. If your baby is a boy, you probably want one that has a removable urine guard.

Establish a routine

Start by creating a routine. Sit baby on the potty chair fully clothed after breakfast or whenever baby is likely to have a bowel movement. This establishes a routine while also taking it slowly and not pushing things too quickly. After a few days, when baby seems comfortable with this, try it with diapers off. Assure baby that this is the 'grown-up' way of doing things.

Never push the issue

If baby is scared or uncomfortable at this point, don't push things. Never push baby down onto the potty chair or try to force baby to sit there. This will create resentment and make things much harder to accomplish. Everyone needs to be relaxed and calm for this to work.

Let her watch you

Consider allowing baby to watch you or your spouse use the toilet. This is a good example as well as assuring baby that this is a safe and natural process. You might also consider allowing an older sibling to demonstrate the procedure to baby. This helps the older child feel useful and will most likely also assure baby that this is safe.

Patience is the key to success

Most of all, try to be patient. You really can't force this issue. If resentments are built up around the potty chair and the process it will just take longer for baby to get potty trained. If baby has a bowel movement in her or his training pants, take baby to the bathroom and empty the diaper or training pants into the potty chair. This will help establish the connection between the potty chair and the action.

Be consistent, be patient, and baby will be potty trained before you know it!

Potty Training Your Baby - The Basics

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