The Scoop on Infant Poop - What Color Should You Worry About?

When you get discharged form the hospital with your first newborn, you do not go home with a mannual on the basic body functions of your baby. When your baby is born you may wonder what her bowel movement patter should be, or what color of stool to worry about.

After birth, it is expected that your baby will produce the first stool within 24 hours. The first bowel movements (BM's) are dark green or black as the baby passes meconium, the substance filling the intestines before birth. In a few days, you'll notice greenish stools signifying intestinal colonization by the friendly bacteria that start to take an active role in digestion.


Breast-fed infants typically have more BM's than their formula-fed peers because breast milk is digested very quickly. Their stools are runny and look like yellow mustard with a seedy appearance. Breast-fed babies rarely get constipated.

Digestion of infant formula produces more waste. Infants who drink formula pass malodorous, firmer, yellow, green, or mocha stools. Since formula is a little harder to digest, do not be surprised if your baby gets constipated.

Not every baby goes by the textbook though. So keep in mind that stools in any shade of yellow, yellow-brown, and brown are perfectly normal.

I get concerned with 3 colors of stools: red (fresh blood), black beyond the first fed days of life (old blood), and white (blockage in the bile system). Should you notice any of these colors in your infant's diapers, seek evaluation of your pediatric health care provider immediately.

The Scoop on Infant Poop - What Color Should You Worry About?

Dr. Hillary is a pediatric nurse practitioner with a doctoral degree in health promotion and risk reduction. She works as a pediatric clinician and writes for Plugged in Parents. Plugged In Parents provides up-to-date info on pediatric health, safety and nutrition along with movie reviews, recipes, tech-savvy tips, and a parent's only forum. You can also contact Dr. Hillary for personal questions related to health and nutrition.

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Painting Baby's Room - Creative Ideas for Painting a Baby Nursery

When it comes to painting a baby room, you could pick out a paint color, apply it to the walls and be done. But if you are feeling creative and a little more adventurous than that, there are a lot of great ideas you could implement when it comes to painting your baby's nursery. Here are a few suggestions:

However you decide to go about painting your baby's room, remember to keep in mind the décor that you are going to use for the room. The painting colors and techniques you use should go with everything else that you plan to use in the room. Don't be afraid to be adventurous and try something new. Remember, the best thing about decorating a room is that if you don't like how something turns out, you can always change it!


Painting Baby's Room - Creative Ideas for Painting a Baby Nursery

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What is Child Exploitation?

The very words exploit means to use unfairly for one's own advantage. Sexual abuse can take the form of child exploitation for example, by photographing the child in a compromising situation, with the intent to either use the photos for their own sexual stimulation or to sell the photos as pornography. It can also mean kidnapping and selling children into prostitution, or even just forcing someone younger and weaker to do your will.

It has been estimated that 25% of the exploiters of children are other children!


When I read the above statistic, I was astounded. Then I started asking questions. Teenaged friends told me about a group of local middle school kids who have oral sex parties after school for money or drugs. Adolescents need freedom, but they need boundaries more. For a free article on setting boundaries, please go to my website

The range of abuse is so wide and varied that it is hard to pin down a specific definition that can be agreed on by experts in the field, let alone those who have experienced it.

Trauma May Take Many Forms

The fact is-- sexual abuse of children involves varying degrees of violence and emotional trauma, and can be defined in a variety of ways, depending on the culture, context and purpose of the definition. However, the one consistent factor that is always present is that the child does not know how to protect himself when someone bigger and stronger has power over them.

What many parents, police and others don't understand is that the fear, intimidation and loss of trust are frequently much more harmful and hurtful than the actual act of sexual violation. All these emotional stressors cause confusion about roles, boundaries and sexual awareness.

What Can We Do?

Our challenge as a community of caregivers, teachers and parents is to prepare children for any eventuality of sexual exploitation without scaring them to death. We have to counterbalance their natural deference to authority by providing them with a strong sense of what other people should and should not be permitted to do to them under any circumstances. They must know that they will be supported in their efforts to act and speak out against being victimized.

If, for whatever reason, they are not being protected within their own homes, they need to know that there are other supportive avenues of help available. In that regard, school personnel and other adults who have contact with children must be alert to the visual signs and halting messages of children in trouble.

Child victims of sexual abuse can only be as strong and effective in acting on their own behalf as the protective system and the caring adults who are standing behind them. Use your energy to heal, reassure and love the children in your circle of influence.

Sexual Abuse: What is Child Exploitation?

© 2006 Judy H. Wright, parent educator, author & International speaker

What is Child Exploitation?

This article is taken from a new book on protecting our children from sexual abuse being written by Judy H Wright, parent educator, author and international speaker on “finding the heart of the story in the journey of life.” For more information on this and other books by Mrs. Wright, please go to You will also find a full listing of articles, ezines, and tele-classes for your use. Judy is a member of the Montana Speakers Network, the regional representative of National Association of Women Writers and a faculty expert at

Candy Bar Cards - How to Make Them

Making a candy bar card to mark a special occasion can be a novel and memorable way to make someone's day. All it takes is a little thought and a few simple materials, plus a few chocolates of course. This way your project winds up being a sweet gift as well as a greeting card.

Here is How to Make Your Card


First think about the reason you want to make the card. Is it to mark a special birthday or anniversary? Has someone achieved a goal? Do you want to mark the beginning (a wedding?) or an end (retirement?) of something?

With your occasion in mind, the next step is to take a trip to the local supermarket and to browse the confectionery aisles. Look for candy bars with names that suit your theme or message. Purchase your chocolates. You may choose small candy bars or individually wrapped chocolates, for example. You just need to be able to read the name of the treat and the sweet needs to be a suitable size for attaching to your card with pins or adhesive.

Now look for some cardboard or thin Styrofoam to make the backing for your card. The bigger the backing, the easier it will be for a group of people to read your message, and the more chocolates you can fit into your message. Make sure your backing is strong enough to support the weight of your chocolates as well.

The next step is to head home to lay out the chocolates in front of the computer. I spend some time brainstorming ways to make a message for my friend or family member, using the chocolates to help spell out my message.

When I have a message in mind, I type it into a word document. Then I format the font (I like Verdana) to be about the same size as the words on my chocolates. I leave some space between my lines of text so I can cut the words of the message apart when I print them out. If you would rather write out your message by hand or spell it out with alphas, paint or even words cut from magazines, of course you can.

After printing my message and cutting out the phrases or words, I start pinning the message to the board or backing sheet.

Work out the middle of your message and lay the words on the middle of the backing sheet. Do they fit where you want them? Can you fit your chocolate words in too? If everything fits, start pinning or adhering the words and chocolates to your backing sheet.

It should not take long to finish making the candy bar card once you know what you want to say.

A Message Idea for Your Candy Bar Card:

To get you started, here is a message I made up for a Father's Day candy bar card:

I would have to go to MARS to find a Dad like you. Ever since I was a BABE (Ruth) you always TAKE 5 to BOOST me up when I am down. You are a TOP DECK kind of Dad!

I trust you will be inspired to make your own special candy bar card now, but be warned. If you are anything like me, there is a hazard involved in making this type of card. It is the temptation to eat the chocolates before they reach their intended recipient!

Candy Bar Cards - How to Make Them

Would you like to see an example of a candy bar card? I have one here:

At you will also find step-by-step guides for making many beautiful paper craft projects. You can ask questions about paper crafting, submit your own work and subscribe to Paper Twists, a newsletter all about papercrafts, for free!

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History of Blue Jeans in America

Many people are aware of the roots that blue jeans have in America. They are a symbol of everything America is supposed to be: free from the status quo. It is nearly impossible to distinguish social and economic status of any individual wearing a pair of them. They are the invention of Jacob Davis, but were made famous by the entrepreneur Loeb Strauss who later changed his name to Levi. On May 7th, 1873 the patent for them was received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Jacob Davis had invented the riveted pockets of the blue jeans at the pocket's stress points for a customer of his pants. The customer would constantly bother Davis over the holes that developed in his pockets. It was this that gave Jacob the inspiration for the riveted pockets. He did not have the at that time to file a patent, however, and wrote to Strauss offering to file it jointly with him in exchange for Strauss paying the patent filing fee.


For the next 25 years while Levi Strauss & Co held the patent rights to blue jeans, they became immensely popular among the working class. They were known for their rugged durability. Right after the exclusive patent rights expired and the invention became public domain, many companies started manufacturing blue jeans. Because in the 19th century they were worn by the working class, they were a symbol of the working man. The wealthier, pampered members of society did not wear blue jeans during this era.

During World War II, blue jeans gained the popularity overseas that they had garnished many years before in America. Foreigners admired the pants worn by American soldiers. The end result was that they were no longer solely American. Europeans and other foreigners could now enjoy the benefits of the rugged denim. Shortly after World War II with jeans now internationally recognized as a durable, comfortable pair of pants, sales skyrocketed.

Jeans were a symbol of rebels during much of the mid-20th century, up until the 1980s. Rebel figures like James Dean in movies wore blue jeans almost exclusively while the older more conservative generation did not. Blue jeans continued their tradition as a symbol of revolution into the 60s and 70s as they were the pants of choice among hippies. Jeans would become more main-stream again in the 1980s.

The 1980s were when designers started creating and labeling their own jeans. It was during this time period that jeans were a symbol of high fashion. Sales for jeans skyrocketed during this decade. They were more accepted at this point than they ever had been. Blue jeans lost popularity in the decade following the 80s as children scoffed at wearing clothing their parents wore. While blue jeans were still worn among kids, they had to be different from the traditional straight down blue denim their parents grew up in. As a result, many jeans manufacturers either had to retool their designs to keep up with the times or face possible bankruptcy.

Blue jeans continue to be worn today and still cloak the status of the wearer. Their ruggedness and durability appeal to both the poor and rich alike. Currently jeans are making a fashion comeback and the traditional jeans manufacturers have fragmented as a result of the past two decades filling various niches. Whatever path blue jeans may take, their roots are entrenched in American soil.

History of Blue Jeans in America

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Buy Safe Baby Nursery Furniture

Safety is one of the primary concerns a new parent should have when choosing baby furniture. A large number of children are injured by the very thing that you may have brought to amuse or entertain them. Here are some of the things to look out for while considering buying baby nursery furniture:

Toxic Paints: A lot of the furniture that you may use for your baby nursery furniture may possibly be painted with toxic paint. It is quite possible that your little innocent child who may have no idea about this may chew the furniture. There are chances that this may have an adverse effect on his or her health. Particularly with baby nursery furniture, due care must be taken that none of the furniture has any toxic paint.


Many good manufacturers like Izziwotnot provide furniture which is free from any toxins. They understand it is meant for babies who may chew it unknowingly.

Dust: While purchasing furniture due care must be taken that it is not home to too much dust, mold or mildew. This typically happens when cushions and other baby nursery furniture stay in dusty warehouses for long. Adults can bear this with no health effect at all. But newborns have very sensitive organs and may not be able to bear these impurities. This might damage their sinuses or lungs and lead to a lifetime of respiratory problems. A little care and caution could help your child prevent this.

Bumps: A large number of children get hurt because they tend to move a lot in their crib and sometimes bump into its sides. Since these sides may be made of sturdy material it can hurt your little one. A good thing to do would be to protect the sides with bumpers which are made of cushion. So that your baby, while moving will just feel soft cushion instead of sturdy metal!

Stability: Some baby furniture like bassinets tends to overturn. Due care must be exercised and their stability must be checked before purchasing them. One must keep an eye on the growth of the baby. Once they start moving around, a bassinet may not be a safe place for them and you must immediately upgrade them to a well-protected crib.

Bed Sheets: Bed sheets cause suffocation in children. Ideally, bed sheets must be avoided completely. Rather tightly fitting covers must be used for mattresses. Also any other material like the pillow etc must be avoided. These things are suited for adults.

Bars In The Crib: The bars in the crib could be very dangerous if they are not properly manufactured. There are a large number of problems that can arise with them. One is that they are simple not sturdy enough and break open, to create space for infants to fall out. Or they could possibly not be high enough or may have footholds enabling your child to climb out!

So the next time when you buy baby nursery furniture make sure you pay attention to safety as much as, if not more than, style and décor!

Buy Safe Baby Nursery Furniture provides a wide variety of nursery furniture Including accessories from large manufacturers like Aspace Baby. These items are available in designs and settings that will definitely go with the kind of ideas you have for your tiny tot's room.

French Love Phrases - Quotes, Poems and Inspiration

Looking for french love phrases and unique ideas for expressing romance?

I love you in french (je t'aime) are words you are probably already familiar with. So what other french love phrases could you use (that are a bit more original?)


For something short and sweet, you could try:

  • amour de ma vie (love of my life)
  • je t'aime de tout mon coeur (I love you with all my heart); or
  • a toi, pour toujours (yours forever).

Mon cher (referring to guy), ma chère (referring to girl) means my dear; there are some very cute ones too, like ma cocotte (which literally means my hen, but roughly translated is darling, honey, or babe .

Other charming ways to speak to your sweetie is by calling them mon chou (my pastry) or ma puce (my flea).

But maybe you're looking for something that goes much deeper than this (after can be complicated!) French love quotes and french love poems are great sources of inspiration.

You could take french love quotes from famous writers, movies or songs, for example.

Take this one by french romantic novelist George Sand:

Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

Or try quoting from Edith Piaf, popular in the 1940s and 1950s for her love songs, such as "La Vie en Rose" (Life through rose coloured glasses:)

Quand il me prend dans les bras
Il me parle tout bas
Je vois la vie en rose

When he takes me in his arms
and speaks to me softly
I see the world through rose-colored glasses

French love poems are wonderfully romantic and evocative.

You can find all styles of french love poems, depending on what kind of mood you want to convey - happy, passionate, flirtatious, longing, regretful, and so on.

Quoting from french love poems can be a very effective way to express something. Imagine having a romantic weekend in Paris, maybe you're celebrating an anniversary or planning to pop the question. You can whisper words in french or write a romantic letter.

So where do you find these french love poems? The first place to look is the Romantic Movement, which started roughly in the late 18th century. Some of the finest poets who wrote in this style include Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire, François-René de Chateaubriand, Alphonse de Lamartine, and Alfred de Musset.

You can visit your local foreign language bookstore, or even do a search for books online. Et voila! You will be wowing your loved one with beautiful french love phrases, in no time!

We'll finish up with a poem by Victor Hugo, considered one of the greatest french romantic poets; together with an English translation:

Aimons toujours ! Aimons encore !
Quand l'amour s'en va, l'espoir fuit.
L'amour, c'est le cri de l'aurore,
L'amour c'est l'hymne de la nuit.

Ce que le flot dit aux rivages,
Ce que le vent dit aux vieux months,
Ce que l'astre dit aux nuages,
C'est le mot ineffable : Aimons !

L'amour fait songer, vivre et croire.
Il a pour réchauffer le coeur,
Un rayon de plus que la gloire,
Et ce rayon c'est le bonheur !

Aime ! qu'on les loue ou les blâme,
Toujours les grand coeurs aimeront :
Joins cette jeunesse de l'âme
A la jeunesse de ton front !

Love always! Love more!
When love is gone, hope escapes us.
Love is the cry of the dawn
Love is the hymn of the night

What the streams say to the shore,
What the wind says to the old mountains,
What the stars say to the clouds,
Is one ineffable word: Love!

Love makes one think, live and believe.
Love warms the heart,
A ray of light more than glory
And this ray is happiness!

Love! whether we praise or blame them
Big hearts will always love:
Join this youth of the soul
To the youth of your brow!

French Love Phrases - Quotes, Poems and Inspiration

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Child Support Payment Sample Letter

Any child support problems that may come about can be taken care of in court by submitting a letter of consideration to the judge. The following are some of the child support payment sample letters that any parent can make. A mother write a letter asking help of what she will do because she cannot afford anymore to pay child support on time. Another one is that her ex-spouse is being late with the child support, the check bounces or sometimes she is only given half of the amount agreed upon, she is asking if she can withhold the visitation.

Regarding the first child support payment sample letter of a mother that cannot pay the child support on time she also explained her reasons that she also has three children that are being supported and one in college, she cannot think of where to find money to support the child, she is disabled and no income at all but the court ordered the maximum payments and did not consider her other children. She is not intending to neglect her child support but the problems occur. In this manner the court advises her to settle changed circumstances to be considered in modifying her child support. She must notify the court of her problems in supporting her family and if she submits a changed circumstance request that is the only time wherein the court can decide about her letter.


The second payment sample letter is from a custodial parent who is having a problem receiving child support from her ex spouse; it is always late and lacking. She is asking if she can withhold visitation of her child. The court says that she cannot withhold visitation because child support and visitation are two separate legal issues. The courts do not like it when one party takes the law in his or her own hands to alleviate problems in child support. The court can charge the offending party, the one withholding visitation with penalties and if your ex-spouse decides to sue for custody, the action of withholding can be held against him or her. He or she can deal directly with each other to solve the problem, he or she must find out the problem that becomes the root of the delayed support. If after dealing with each other and no solutions are found then he or she can go to court and ask the court for support obligations. The court can order wage garnishment wherein the employer will be the one to deduct the child support from the paycheck.

The given child support payment sample letters can give some solution to those concerned who also have the same problem and are ashamed to open up. Wage garnishment is not so much used as a solution unless both parties decide to do so. The most important thing here is the withholding of visitation is not allowed. To avoid problems that will lead to a court hearing and you may be the one to pay for attorney's fee and other expenses with the court case. Some judges include COLA in their orders when setting child support. Because of this there is no need for modification requests based solely on cost of living increases.

Child Support Payment Sample Letter

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Diet Tips For Conceiving a Baby Girl

When you're planning on having a baby your main hope is that your newborn will be healthy. Some parents really don't care whether they have a boy or a girl. However, some secretly do wish that they will become the proud parents of a new son or a new daughter. There are a lot of tips floating around that suggest methods that will help you in your quest for a girl or boy. If you have your heart set on conceiving a baby girl, you may want to adjust your diet around the time of conception.

Some of the diet suggestions when it comes to conceiving a baby girl are really delicious and nutritious. Most women who are hoping to conceive have already upped their daily intake of calcium rich foods. If you're hoping for a little girl, you may want to add even more milk, cheese and yogurt to your diet. It's been said that calcium can help if you want a daughter.


Caffeine is a no-no if you have hopes of conceiving a baby girl. This obviously means that you have to trade-in your morning cup of coffee for a mug of the decaffeinated variety. You should also avoid chocolate and colas during the time you might conceive. It's also worth noting that it may be a good habit to permanently adopt especially if you'll be nursing your newborn.

Salt should also be scarce in your menu plans. This means you shouldn't consume any foods loaded with salt and also severely limit the amount of salt you add to your food while cooking or before eating. This can be a hard one to get used to if you're accustomed to salty flavors. However, if you're serious about conceiving a baby girl, it's a very small sacrifice to make.

Diet Tips For Conceiving a Baby Girl

Do you desperately want to choose the gender of your baby? Many couples feel the same way you do. There is a 100% guaranteed way to naturally pick the sex of your newborn. You no longer have to leave it all to fate and chance.

If you want to pick your baby's gender in a natural and completely safe way, you can. Before you get pregnant, find out how to get the newborn that will complete your loving family.

Early Phonics - Magnetic Letter Game

When a child looks at a word, he or she will visually recognize a part of the word and put it together with the way the word is used in the context of the sentence. Here are 3 easy words that will take only one middle sound. We will change the beginning letter first and make a new word. We will use the short A sound as the medial sound.






BAG...CHANGE THE LAST LETTER TO..T...BAT. continue changing the last letter or the first letter.

You may take the other vowels and change the beginning and ending letter to make new words.
Write the new words on the back of an old business card or an index card and place in an envelope marked, "My New Words". You can keep a list of all new words on the refrigerator, with a star, to reward your child for making new words.

As your new reader becomes familiar with words made with vowel sounds (long, sounds like the letter, or short sounds) you may introduce larger pieces of words.
Sometimes they are called, "Chunks".

Here is a list of "chunks" that you can use with an older reader. When you use magnetic letters and change the end of a word, or the root of the word, and also change the first letter or last letter, you will create a phonogram, or rhyming word. They are sometimes called, "word families" or "spelling patterns. Starting with A, put each letter in front of the chunk and see if it makes a word. Use a dictionary to confirm that you have made a word, or for the definition. For Example, ( ale- bale, dale, gale, kale, male, pale, sale, tale)

ade, ace, air, ain, ale, aught, ave, ead, ealth, east, eek, eeze, est, ick, ight, ill, inch, ode. omp, ool, oke, uge, ube,
unch, um (these are just a few)

Using magnetic letters to help your reader learn about words, and their sounds and patterns, will help them memorize the middle of the words. They will become more fluent readers. Your child's eyes will begin to recognize the pattern made with the magnetic letters and will soon will want to take out the letters to build more words. To keep it simple, use a metallic cookie sheet for the magnetic letters, the refrigerator, or any other flat surface that is accessible. You both can build new words anytime. Make sure your child reads the word for you, and uses it in short sentence. Have fun!

Early Phonics - Magnetic Letter Game

Mary D. Bogin is a 30 year veteran teacher. Integrating art, reading, and writing has been her method of teaching literacy. Visit for more great methods on teaching reading to children and adults.

How to Deal With a Child With a Learning Disability

A learning disabled child needs help and parents should provide it through patience, love and proper knowledge. It is important that parents understand that a child's learning disability is not a hindrance for a happy childhood. It is the duty of parents to discover the strengths of the child and nurture them to build self confidence. A learning disabled child needs protection but parents must also determine situations when the child has to be left independent to discover his or her talents and skills.

The signs and symptoms of learning disability vary from one child to another. Thus, the methods of handling each child also differ. Here are some general tips for parents of children with learning disability:


Develop skills, interests and talents

A learning disability is not the totality of the child. A parent must understand that every child has potentials for optimum development and a learning disability should never be a hindrance to achieve this goal. Seek the help of experts in finding ways to discover the skills, interests and talents of the child. After knowing what the child desires, parents can research on methods on how to encourage the child to reach his or her potential.

Don't expect too much

Teaching a learning disabled child would not be easy so be prepared to adjust lessons according to the child's abilities. Do not expect that the child will understand basic concepts immediately. Lessons and even daily activities need to be explained step-by-step until the learning disabled child fully understand the concept. Repetitive discussions are to be done. Parents are advised not to expect too much but rather focus on the small accomplishments of the child with learning disability.

Practice discipline

A child with learning disability still requires discipline. A parent must carefully explain the rules and the consequences. The child must understand that the rules are set for his or her own benefit. Moreover, a parent must also provide enough space for the child to explore and gain independence.

Encourage curiosity

Some studies revealed that a child with learning disability is a lazy learner. Encouraging curiosity is a healthy way to help a child take interest in learning. Parents should show enthusiasm in every day occurrences and even in simple and ordinary things to encourage curiosity. Do a research on creative activities to do together with the child.

Create a schedule for storytelling

Reading may be difficult for some learning disabled children but parents can encourage interest through it. It can also be a quality bonding moment between the parents and the child. A parent can encourage participation through question and answer. In some cases, a child may be asked to retell the story based on his or her own understanding. This is a beneficial way to know the level of understanding of a child with learning disability.

Involve a learning disabled child in the daily family life

A learning disabled child should not be contained in his or her own world. He or she should be included in the daily activities of the family. It is advantageous for the child to feel that he or she can share in basic household chores. A learning disabled child may find it enjoyable also to discover that he or she can be trusted with a small responsibility in the house.

How to Deal With a Child With a Learning Disability

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