Softball Cheers

Several hundreds of softball cheers are available online that can raise the spirits of softball players. The word "cheer" means to give encouragement to someone. It can also mean showing approval or wishing good luck by shouting, and cheerfulness is the quality of being happy and dispelling gloom.

Some nice examples of softball cheers are:


"Potato chips, potato chips, munch, munch, munch. We think (opponent's team name) is a mighty fine bunch!"

"Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? (Opponent's team name)"

"You gotta want it, to win it, and we want it more!"

"Two pence, four pence, six pence, a dollar. All for the (team name), stand up and holler!"

"When you're up, you're up, when you're down, you're down, when you're up against our team, you're upside down!"

"(Teammate's name twice), she's our star, she can hit it mighty far, put a bat in her hands, she can hit it to Japan!"

"Swing that bat and bust that ball honey, honey, swing that bat bust that ball babe, babe, swing that bat and bust that ball round those bases yehaw, honey oh babe oh my!"

"Five, four, three, two, we're number one, can't be number two, we're gonna beat the whoopsies outta you! Don't feel sad, don't feel blue, we'll let you be number two!"

"You seen it, now hit it, go, go and get it, you seen it, now hit it, come on (name), get wit it!"

"(Player name), you're the one (repeat), hit that ball and run, run, run, around the bases you shall go, first, second, third and home"

"You the one, you the one, you the one, you the one, say what, say what, say what, you the one, you the one, you the one, you the one, the one, the only one!"

"R-I-P-I-T, rip it for me baby, rip it (clap 4 times), (repeat)."

These softball cheers are from the "Rancho Trabuco Girls Softball Association (RTGSA)" website, but several others also have a nice collection of softball cheers. These above mentioned cheers and many others could truly be an excellent source of enjoyment, and encouragement.

Softball Cheers

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Home Remedies For Baby Eczema

If your baby is suffering from eczema, you know how uncomfortable the itchy and dry skin can be, not to mention the sore spots. Since eczema usually goes hand in hand with sensitive skin, treating it can be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully there are quite a few home remedies for baby eczema you can try.



Keeping baby's skin well moisturized should always be the first step in any eczema treatment. Use a natural aloe Vera lotion several times a day, especially after bathing baby. Reapply as often as need to keep baby's skin from drying out. Avoid any harsh cleansers and make sure baby is getting plenty to drink to moisturize from the inside out as well. Incidentally breastfed babies experience fewer and milder episodes of eczema.

Oatmeal Bath

When baby's skin gets very itchy, an oatmeal bath can be very soothing and help skin heal. Put two cups of oats in a food processor (or use a coffee grinder) and grind them into a powder. Add the oatmeal powder to a running bath of warm (not hot) water and stir well. Soak in the oatmeal bath for 15 minutes, rinse with clean water and dab the skin dry with a soft towel. When baby's eczema breakouts are bad, it is safe to sooth them with an oatmeal bath twice daily.

Natural Skin Wash

As mentioned above, you want to avoid any harsh skin care for baby. The following natural skin wash is very gently and helps with the itch. Combine 1 tsp of comfrey root, 1 tsp of white oak bark, 1 tsp of slippery elm bark and two cups of water in a bowl. Mix well, and then pour it into a pot. Heat over medium heat until it comes to a boil, and then simmer for thirty minutes. Allow the mixture to cool, then strain out the solids and use the liquid like any face wash.

While this mixture may not completely clear up baby's eczema, it is a natural, gentle and effective cleanser that will help reduce the itching and inflammation.

Healing Lotions

When eczema really flares up, you want to get baby's skin healed back up as soon as possible. Healing lotions can help shorten the healing time and moisturize and protect your skin from future outbreaks at the same time.

Lotions to look for ate those made with blueberry leaves. Blueberry leaves are very good at relieving the inflammation of eczema and at improving the irritation that accompanies itching.

Zinc is another great ingredient. Apply zinc lotion directly on the affected area. Zinc can also be taken as a supplement in pills. Taking regularly, it can be an effective eczema treatment.

To help heal the skin, use a lotion containing vitamin E, or apply vitamin E oil directly on the affected area. It will quickly reduce itching and improve healing. Continue applying the vitamin E oil until the skin is healed.

Reduce Irritants

Some babies experience eczema because they are allergic to detergents, which are found in nearly all personal care, cleaning and laundry products. You may want to investigate using pure soap for all cleaning and laundry as well as bathing for some time to see if your baby's eczema improves.

Eczema can also occur as a result of food allergies. If you have a family history of food or environmental allergy, your baby may also be experiencing sensitivities to something in his diet or environment. Check with your baby's health care provider and consider an elimination diet or other measures to track down allergens.

Typically, babies outgrow eczema, or at the very least, it will improve as he gets older.

This article is provided for information purposes only. Please consult your baby's health care provider before trying home remedies.

Home Remedies For Baby Eczema

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Web of Trust is Your Community

The internet is forever expanding with many new sites appearing every day. For novices it can be quite scary, trying to find their way around avoiding untrustworthy sites. Even for more seasoned users, many get fooled into being directed to innocent sounding sites only to find that they are malicious in intent or full of porn.

Okay, so you can control what sites children visit using parental controls, but how many parents pro-actively oversee their children when they are online?


There are programs like Linkscanner, or AVG's built in Linkscanner Toolbar that many find obtrusive, but these tools give you an indication of whether a site is trusted, but what about child safety, links in emails, links on blogs and other websites.

Now there is a new tool for all users which is community driven and rates sites on standards of trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. Once installed as a small BHO, it will place a safety rating on search engine searches and also checks links in emails. This takes it further up the ladder aimed at improving online safety for all users.

This is the first community driven source where people can help each other by taking an active part.

The biggest threats come from adult orientated sites with malicious coding that will install adware, spyware, trojans, BHO's and more specifically phishing. Identity theft and identity fraud are on the increase, so tools like this help to create a greater awareness as well as offering better child protection, which is often overlooked.

Other dangerous sites that are frequented by children are those that offer cheap software, music downloads and video games and of course, some of the social networks.

It is too easy to search for well known brands whose names have been hijacked by unscrupulous webmasters, only to find that when you arrive at the site it is adult related, or a drive-by site which will compromise your computers security.

It has also created a more friendly version for colorblind users, an innovation in itself and a great benefit to many people.

Web of Trust is Your Community

Colin Richards

Free PC Security

Guessing Baby Sex - Chinese Baby Gender Calendar

The Chinese Baby Gender Calendar was employed in Ancient China for predicting baby gender. It really is rumored that the Chinese Gender Calendar was discovered over 700 years ago in an ancient royal tomb near Beijing, China. Despite the fact that many individuals believe that the Chinese Gender Calendar is over 90% accurate for predicting baby gender, it is still only right half of the time.

The Chinese Baby Gender Calendar is said to have been created on account of the strong desire for male babies in the Chinese culture. The males were considered by the Chinese to be much more effective than girls. For that reason, they had been able to assist on the farm and contribute financially for the family members. Moreover, the males were able to inherit the family members' name and property resulting the continuation of the family name. Females, however, had been a lot more of a liability. The females stayed at home until they got married and then became a component of their husband's loved ones. As a result, the female's birth family members no longer had control over her life. Essentially, the loved ones was raising a daughter for other men and women. This was considered "bad business."


Naturally, the Chinese desired to style a technique for predicting newborn sex so they could optimize their chances of obtaining the boy they so preferred. By way of many years of studying the trends of a woman's age and month at the time of conception, the Chinese Gender Calendar was produced.

As a way to use the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar for predicting baby gender accurately, it truly is important to note that the ancient calendar is based on the lunar and solar cycles as opposed to the solar cycles from our Western culture. As a result, a woman's age at the time of conception as well as the month she conceived needs to be converted into the lunisolar calendar.

According to the Chinese New Year Calendar, you might be already 1 year old whenever you are born. Consequently, to establish your lunar age, you'd add a year to your current age. Nevertheless, you could need to add two years depending on the date of the Chinese New Year, which modifications every single year.

To establish the month of conception based on the lunisolar calendar, you'll need to compare the Chinese gender calendar with the Western calendar. The conversion gets complicated as a result of leap years along with other elements involved.

Guessing Baby Sex - Chinese Baby Gender Calendar

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Child Behavior For A Three Year Old

Parenting Question

"I'm spiraling out of control with my three-year-old daughter. She won't listen
to me and I know that the 'naughty bench' isn't working. I'm at a total loss and
feel like such a failure. I don't want to hit her or use the kind of strong
verbal yelling that my parents did. What do I do? I want her to understand that
I'm the boss and when I ask her to do something or obey something, she should do
it. My father was giving me parenting advice today and I feel so out of control.
Is this normal child behavior for a three-year-old?"--Out-of-Control Mom


Positive Parenting Tip for Child Behavior for a Three Year Old

Dear Out-of-Control Mom:

Firstly, you are NOT a failure--just a mom who needs some new tools.

My guess is that you haven't had many courses on how to deal with three-year-old
behavior, so be gentle with yourself.

Many parents ask me what's "normal" when it comes to child behavior for a
three-year-old. No matter what your child's age, what it comes down to is this:
how is your child's behavior working for you, and how is it working for them.
From your question, I sense it just ain't working--period!

So let's first look at what is going on for your daughter. Children at the
pre-school stage are developing a whole host of new skills, including: wanting
more independence (for example, "No, I want to do it by myself!"); asserting
their wants ("I want that!"); and learning about friendship ("Give that back!").
One of the best things you can do when parenting a three-year-old is to support
your child in attaining these new skills without allowing them to become
demanding or spoiled. To ensure you don't fall into unhealthy habits that
promote power struggles, choose to use a firm--but kind--approach and look for
ways that your child can learn from each situation.

The more you can allow your three-year-old to do things on her own (and they
won't be perfect), the less likely she will be to fight you on everything. Look
for household tasks that she can do at her age and find ways that she can help
you out. Have her fill the dog bowl, hold the door open for you when you are
bringing groceries into the house, set the table, etc. The busier you can keep
her doing positive behaviors, the less chance she will move towards negative

Be warned: even if you take this approach, your daughter is still going to test
you. Below are six simple steps for dealing with three-year-olds when they just won't

1. Let Go of Timeouts - Timeouts can work for some children (but there
are far better techniques). Ultimately, the only person we can control is
ourselves. If timeouts are not working (that is, your child refuses to go to the
"naughty bench", stay on the "naughty bench", or tells you they make their own
rules and have moved the "naughty bench"), look for other ways to inspire them
to want to be well-behaved (as suggested in the following five steps).

2. Fire Yourself as Boss of the Household! - Many parents buy into the
belief that mom should be the boss of the household and be in control. Yet, we
must remember that we are modeling for our children how to act every single
minute of the day. Our kids learn more from what we do than from what we say. If
they see us pulling rank as "boss", they will attempt to be "boss" too.
Unfortunately, when this happens, they may outrank us and the real power
struggles will begin!

3. Provide Flexibility with Boundaries - Instead of boss, see yourself as
your child's coach or guide, responsible for providing them with experiences to
learn from and allowing them to experience the consequences of their actions.
Give clear guidelines, but also give them flexibility too. For example, "Your
toys need to be cleaned up before we go to Grandma's. Do you want to clean them
up now, or in 5 minutes from now?" If they still don't clean up, then you might
not go to Grandma's that day. Children need to know what the rules are and, more
importantly, they need to know you will follow-through with the rules. Once you
become consistent with your behavior, your children will learn to trust what you
say and will improve their behavior accordingly.

4. Stay Firm (but Kind) - If they fight, you follow-through. Do this
without yelling, scolding or punishing. Don't buy into their tears, and
definitely don't get into a debate. Stay firm, but stay kind. Tell them that
when they want a hug, to come find you. I know keeping your cool is easier said
than done. For more on this, check out the "Mom's Time-Out" section (page
111-114) of When You're About To Go Off The Deep End, Don't Take Your Kids
With You.

5. Use Consequences That Relate to Their Behavior - Punishment teaches
our kids to feel bad, but rarely teaches them how to "do good". If you are
encountering the same misbehaviors over and over again, your child is clearly
not learning from their mistakes. To facilitate learning, make certain any
consequences used are directly related to the misbehavior. For example, when
your child is rough with the computer, computer time is over; when your child is
splashing water out of the tub, bath time is over; or when your child is goofing
off with their food, dinner is over. Again, do these quickly, but kindly.

6. Thank and Appreciate Your Child for What They Do - Children want to
please and they want to know that their contributions make a difference.
Remember to tell them so--and often.

Learning how to motivate our children to want to be well-behaved takes time and
practice. Yet, taking the time now to learn these tools can save you years of
heartache and frustration. Keep reading, keep practicing, and keep empowering
that three-year-old of yours: then watch their behavior change for the better!

Child Behavior For A Three Year Old

Kelly Nault, MA author of When You’re About To Go Off The Deep End, Don’t Take Your Kids With You inspires moms to put themselves first—for the sake of their children. She shares time-tested tools that motivate children to want to be well behaved, responsible and happy! Sign up for her free online parenting course here.

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Mothers Rights - Child Custody For Mothers

Mothers rights to custody and the standard by which custody determinations are made in the family courts has changed significantly over the last century. In the early 1900's, fathers were typically given custody of the children in the case of a divorce. In contested child custody cases today, in which the mother earns less than the father, it does not automatically entitle the father to custody of the child in the event of a divorce.

Following the standards in the early 1900's which typically gave fathers custody of the children, states shifted to the tender years doctrine which presumed the mothers to be the primary caregiver. This standard changed yet again. Following the 1970's the tender years doctrine was replaced with the overall best interests of the child standard. The overall best interest of the child standard takes several factors into consideration and is supposed to guide the family courts in child custody determinations. Nevertheless, some family courts in the 20th century continue to favor the mother as the primary caregiver.


Mothers often provide primary care for their children and are often involved in the day to day responsibilities of raising and nurturing their children. While some mothers may be at a disadvantage financially at the beginning of their divorce, more mothers are becoming educated with strategies and information on how to enhance their custody case and how other mothers are obtaining custody of their children.

Mothers and fathers both have a prominent role to play in supporting the growth and development of their children. But when parents divorce and child custody is contested, the family courts are faced with the difficult task of determining where the child will live and what parenting arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Upon divorce, the best parent is generally having both parents involved. More and more, the courts are adopting this mentality and favoring frequent and continuing contact with both parents as the best arrangement for the child. Additionally, more and more mothers are taking on the same attitude for the benefit of their children and are benefiting from the shared parenting responsibilities as a result.

Copyright © 2008 Child Custody Coach

Mothers Rights - Child Custody For Mothers

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Baby Monitors

The best baby monitors these days by far are of the video variety. They have come a long way since when they first came on the market several years ago. Back then, many parents complained of poor picture quality and they even said that sometimes they would intercept another family's baby on the screen and it would creep them out! Nowadays you rarely hear of that happening since the technology has gotten so much better. There are lots of different models to choose from now and they are simple to use. The best part about them is that they save you the hassle of running up and down the stairs all the time to check on your child. And they can be fun to use too - it's entertaining to see what your little one is up to once you put them to sleep at night!

When our son was born we used a regular baby monitor at first - the kind with just the sounds and lights. It met our needs just fine, but we were always a little envious of our friends with kids who had bought the video type versus the traditional kind. At one dinner party we went to the parents put their son down for bed and then showed us what he was doing in his crib on the screen of their handheld receiver. It was neat to see how he soothed himself to sleep and we wondered what our little man did once we turned out the lights in his room each night. We ended up buying one when we moved him into his new room since it had a toddler bed and not a crib. This way, we would be able to see when he got out of bed and what exactly he was doing in his room. It allowed us to check on him in the middle of the night without us having to get out of bed ourselves which was very convenient.


The great thing about baby monitors is that when you buy a video one, you can usually add additional cameras to it. So if you have more than one child you want to keep an eye on, you simply buy another camera and mount it in the room. Then the screen shows the two rooms and you can watch two kids at the same time from the comfort of another room. That was enough to sell me!

Baby Monitors

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Soy Milk May Be Tied To Infant Deaths

Although the autopsy is inconclusive and tests on the food are not yet complete, a porridge made of EdenSoy Extra soy milk and cornmeal may be responsible for the deaths of two infant brothers living in Brooklyn.

When their mother attempted to wake them, shortly after noon, she found they were unconscious and took them to the hospital. Both were pronounced dead on arrival.


Initial thoughts were that the twins had been overcome by a gas leak, but tests showed no leak.

Because medical examiners also found no evidence of choking as a result of consuming the food, or any signs of foul play, the police instead began focusing on what the infants had eaten. The police cleaned out two nearby supermarkets of EdenSoy milk and cornmeal for testing.

New York Times October 21, 2005 Registration October 22, 2005

Dr. Mercola's Comment: If you ever wondered why I'm so concerned about the health dangers tied to the rampant use of soy products -- especially in processed foods -- this kind of incident is exactly the reason. In my view there just simply isn't any justification to ever use soy formula or worse, soy milk, in infants.

This isn't the first time soy milk has been investigated for its toxic side effects. Separate incidents in California and Arkansas prompted the FDA to issue a 1990 warning against using soy milk as a formula substitute. Most brands have followed the tougher FDA labeling guidelines, except EdenSoy, says Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, author of The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food.

In fact, the deaths of three infants prompted the Israeli Health Ministry to issue a health advisory earlier this year, recommending babies not be fed soy formula -- except as a last resort -- and severely limiting a child's intake of soy products.

Without question the best food you can give your infant is breast milk and this should be your primary choice if at all possible, as it is the healthiest source of milk you can give to your infant. I believe very strongly all soy formula should be avoided andis not fit for human consumption.

If breastfeeding is not an option,the best article I ever read on the topicis one published in a recent edition of the Weston Price ogranization. I am on their board and was able to obtain reprint rightsfor their article onhealthy alternatives to breast milk and commercial formula from Sally Fallon to run it in our newsletter. I would strongly encourage you to review thismulti-part series in this issueif you are unable to breastfeed.

When making the alterntaive to breast milk described in the article, ideally, it would be best to use raw milk as the base (other ingredients to add are described in the article). The best way toget it is tofind a local dairy farmer in your areathrough your local health food store orthe Real Milk Web site. Raw milk is a safer and farhealthier alternative to pasteurized milk.

Soy Milk May Be Tied To Infant Deaths

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How Drug Trafficking Affects The United States And Its Youth

Today, drug trafficking is a scourge that is affecting practically all nations and their youth. The United States is no different. According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA), a survey conducted by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Services Administration) and the following startling statistics were revealed:

1. An estimated 14.8 million Americans currently use illicit drugs


2. An estimated 6.4 million Americans use cocaine, heroine, hallucinogens

Drug use and its consequences threaten and affect the nation and its people from every socio-economic background, geographic region, and people with any level of education. Increasing use of illegal drugs among the youth is quite alarming. Kids suffer from life-long dependency problems by consuming substances like heroine and cocaine. Early use of illicit drugs leads to unhealthy behavior. It also associates itself with unwanted pregnancy and premature sexual activity which results in exposure to STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

The US suffers an annual loss of about 70 billion dollars due to drug-related illnesses, death, and drug related crimes. Illicit drug users are unaware of the fact that drug abuse indirectly or directly affects their family, their neighborhood, their business, their education and their health adversely.

Harmful drugs consumed by pregnant women affect both the mother as well as the unborn child. Maternal drug abuse contributes to birth defects and infant mortality. According to a recent research, the use of drugs by a pregnant woman may result in poor development of the child after birth and they are more likely to die from sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.

It has been observed that teens consuming marijuana are most likely to consume cocaine in later years. The second commonly consumed drug after marijuana is a stimulant. Most 12th graders use LSD on a monthly basis. Using LSD stimulates the mind but can severely affect the nervous system. A teenager can risk his life by consuming drugs and is also more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases as well as AIDS.

With the rise in consumption of drugs, drug-related crimes are increasing steadily and thus leading to numerous drug related arrests either because of possession of drugs or thefts committed to fund the drug habit.

How Drug Trafficking Affects The United States And Its Youth

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Top 10 Things Girls Like About Guys

As much as girls always whine how they hate guys so much and why they can't understand your obsession with Sports, they also have about a million things they like about you. The list is endless, probably to make up on that hate list, but here are the top ten most girls would swoon over a guy for. Improve on this ten and I assure you, you're going to be one hot babe magnet in a jiffy:

 o Sense of humor. They say when you finally make a girl laugh, there's a big chance you can make her fall in love. So get those wits sharpened and impress her with your clever and sharp punch lines.


o Hygiene. Cleanliness is divine. Enough said.

o Confidence. Confidence is a turn-on and girls find it sexy when a guy is comfortable with himself.

o Good lifestyle. No beer bingeing, smoking and pot.

o Ambition. You look forward to the future with your head held high because you know you'd be reaping your rewards.

o Romance. Being romantic is always a plus point when you're trying to get lucky with the ladies.

o Family guy. If you have a strong family bond, chances are, you're going to be great dad!

o Can take control. Girls want to be led and guided and when you take matters in your hands, we find it very manly.

o Fidelity. Loyalty is our utmost concern when we're together. Cheating is just not an option.

o Passionate. You have to be at least passionate with something. Alright, if it's Sports, then so be it!

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Top 10 Things Girls Like About Guys

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Essential Characteristics of an Athlete

Imagine yourself as a member of a competing team in an international competition. You are carrying your country's pride - her name and honor, in fact! A few steps from where you are standing, awards are being given. Your country's name is called. Your team has won. Hurray! The trophy is now in your hands! Teary eyed, you raised the cup for your country and her people.

But hey, how do you achieve such a precious moment? Being an athlete is not just all about us. You need to be determined. Here are some points that wannabe athletes must posses:


Vital character of a winner- Trophies and medals are not the ultimate measurement s of being a champion. Self respect and strength of mind are also must-haves. Athletes are considered public properties as all eyes are focused on them. For some people, they are deemed as role models. Although athletes take a lifetime to build a reputation, they only need one minute to destroy it.

Passion to Compete - An athlete must have the passion to win. This would drive him to work harder each time. An athlete must think that a competition is like period that has no boundaries. He should always strive for the best.

Self-sacrifice-Rigid training is needed before joining any competition. Athletes have to give up most of their personal activities to be able to comply to training schedules. They devote more time and energy for practice rather than in socializing. A strong self stamina is very essential to prepare yourself if you want to have a career in sports.

Check your weaknesses- How are you going to give your best if you do not work on your drawbacks? Athletes learn from mistakes and practices. So that should also be your philosophy.

Hardship- It can make or break the athlete. Learn to overcome your downfall. Road to success is not a milky way.

Eagerness to practice- Always come on time during practices. Always give your best when training. Remember that an aspiring athlete have to develop promptness not only during the games but also during workout. Team building is essential at all times. It pays to work hard. After all, you will be the one to reap the fruits.

Willingness to learn - This is the most important point. You cannot get any desire or ambition you have if you are not a good follower. Absorb all the details you get from your coach and apply them. Avoid having an egghead outlook.

Essential Characteristics of an Athlete

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What to Look For When You're Shopping For Free Insurance Quotes Online For Your New Baby

Bringing home a brand new car has a lot in common with bringing home a brand new baby. You want to love it. You want to pamper it. You want to take it around and show it off. And you want to make sure you've got the best insurance you can afford taking care of it. The question is, what should you look for when you're shopping for free insurance quotes online for your newest baby?

The first word in the magic arsenal of any car buyer is "quality". You want to make sure whatever insurance plan you decide on is up to the challenge, which means you want to take the time to go online and check out their reputation. There are over 50 car insurance companies out there doing business nationwide, and innumerable small providers. There are also hundreds of consumer sites out there manned by people just like you who have no reason to lie, so they're going to tell you everything you need to know before you sign on the dotted line.


The next word you need to know is competition. With 50 nationwide providers, there's plenty of competition for each driver. What does that mean for you? It means if you can toss down a lower quote from a competitor, you might be able to talk them into giving you a better deal than they did the first time around.

The other perk of competition is the fact that there are plenty of companies to choose from, and each of them has their own policies when it comes to what will (and what won't) help you save money on your free insurance quotes online. So what one company has to offer isn't necessarily going to be the same as another, and what's costing you extra at one insurer can actually help you save-or at least, not send your insurance quotes climbing any higher!

Now that you have a new toy, you need to take the time to find out how it works! Do you know all of your new baby's safety features? Anything that's going to help keep your insurance company from having to pay out an insurance claim is only going to work in your favor, so make sure you know what that something is. All too often drivers insure their car without really doing their homework first, trusting the insurance agent to know what they need to hear. But what if they don't? Do you really want to risk your chances of being able to get the free insurance quotes online you need on a customer service representative who may or may not know their way around your car?

Quality. Reputation. Cost. The perfect combination of those three things will guide you on your quest for free insurance quotes online for the newest member of your family.

What to Look For When You're Shopping For Free Insurance Quotes Online For Your New Baby

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Baby Boy Clip Art to Liven Up Your Baby Shower Cards

Loads of baby boy clip art images are available, once you click your computer's mouse and get connected to the Internet. First, you must know what it is all about. It is about copying / cutting the pre-existing images. Yes, these images are already mostly in the books that have made their entry into the public domain for that purpose.

You can have your feast of logos, mascots, identity and business cards, invitations, letterheads. In addition, there are no hassles of license terms. The electronic art available on the Internet is an extension of this concept. These images are digitized drawings on low resolution used for decorating Invitations and E-greetings.


Clipart, including Baby Boy Clip art, are meant for defining digitized drawings and not photography. There are many files in many shapes, sizes and formats. Some of the most widespread formats are PICT, Paint, GIF, TIFF, EPS and JPEG. If you are unsure which format to use, just use PICT. This format is compatible with most programs, and can also adjust to another format type easily.

Standard clipart is usually not a very detailed drawing. Mostly they are images that have little detail or are outline drawings. The standard clipart is for use on the web to use in documents.

Baby boy clip art is the most wonderful way of splashing your work with images that you think can do the magic. It is also the cheapest and the most colorful way of doing so. Most of what you will find will be free printable art.

If you want to make your own baby shower clip art, software is available for just that purpose. Most software is easy to use, and can convert your pictures/snapshots into clipart quickly.

There is a huge collection of free baby shower clip art images and free baby clipart images available on the internet. These will be very useful for your baby shower invitations, thank you notes or baby announcements. You are bound to find baby boy clipart to you liking on the internet for your baby shower needs. This gives you the choice of making your own invitations versus purchasing ready-made invitations or other baby shower cards.

With baby shower clipart you don't need any special artistic skills for you to make your own beautiful baby shower cards. Not all websites provide baby clipart for free, but many do. If you want more detailed clipart you might opt to purchase clipart. But with so much free baby clip art available, you really don't need to purchase unless you really want a particular design.

Baby Boy Clip Art to Liven Up Your Baby Shower Cards

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Don't Be Too Quick to Judge

I have had two jobs as an adult that I just loved. One of my jobs I held for 25 years. I worked full time in Emergency Medical Services. The second job I held for about 7 years and I held it simultaneously with my Emergency Medical Services job. I was a certified Pharmacy Technician. Both of these jobs shared the same ideal. Don't be too quick to judge.

I'm a friendly person and one of my traits is that when a customer teases with me, I tease back. One time at the pharmacy, a customer came up to the counter to pick up his prescription. When told the amount was .00, the customer told me he didn't have .00. Thinking he was teasing with me, I responded by telling him with a smile on my face, "Than I guess you can't get your prescription". This customer's face dropped and he turned around and left the pharmacy.
This customer wasn't teasing. I learned a hard lesson that day, don't be too quick to judge.


It was during the time I was working emergency services, which is basically working on an ambulance that the television show 911 premiered. In our town was a mentally challenged female who was a bit of a hypochondriac. The night the show 911 premiered, we received an ambulance call to respond to this woman. We tried to remember what the show was about that night because we were sure that this woman would have the same symptoms.

As we arrived to treat this woman, we found that she had fallen and had fractured her arm. We learned another lesson from this woman. Don't be too quick to judge.

We responded on another ambulance call one day to a family who liked to abuse the ambulance. She called to tell us her child was having a hard time breathing. As this woman didn't have the best judgment and she was often way off the mark for the reason she called for an ambulance, we were sure that this was another nonsense call. When we arrived, we found her child was very blue around his mouth and was indeed having difficult time breathing. Again, we learned not to be too quick to judge.

This next story taught me several lessons about being too quick to judge. Part of working on the ambulance is meeting patients that do not speak English. I speak one language only. The ambulance was dispatched to a woman who was having a baby. Delivering a baby can be the most exciting call you can receive, it can also be one of the most frightening calls you receive.

We arrived at the residence to find a teenage woman who did not speak English. She had actually delivered the baby moments before we arrived. I picked the baby up, cleared the infant's airway, dried the baby and wrapped it in blankets to keep it warm. I tried to hand the baby to the mother but the mother wasn't interested in looking at the baby. When we got to the hospital I told them the baby was a boy. Later the nursery nurse came and got me and asked me the sex of the baby. I said proudly "a boy". She had me follow her to the nursery and showed me the baby again. In the nursery was a baby girl being cleaned. I learned not to be too quick to judge.

I later learned that this teenage mother was giving the baby up for adoption, that was why she didn't want to hold or even see her child. Again, I learned don't be too quick to judge.

As you look at my website, remember these lessons. Don't be too quick to judge.

Don't Be Too Quick to Judge

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Abandoned Child

I am the Luna Moth, I am the Firefly

I am the Cicada, and I am the burrowing, emerging Nymph


I am the lowly Caterpillar, I am the transcendent Swallow Tail

I am the mighty Texas Beetle the burning Bee

I flow to Eternity

the unknown, forsaken child sang

I am the breathy green Katydid, I am the stiff Walking Stick

I am the stinging brown Wasp on my toe

I am the Soul Flow, I am the Life Everlasting

I am I know

she prayed while searching for a home

She was the raw fish no one ate

the sensitive empathy that did not exist

the translucent shell unnoticed on the shore

the dead Crab with a backlit orange underbelly

I tore it open and found her missing self

her child's views, her tiny lost handprints, her worth

recovering her beauty in the living mirror of the sea

she finally put their hoop away

Her stolen songs emerged from the pores of her skin

her young heart broke and the suffocating

agonizing shell fell off

now a blue-green Dragonfly whizzing to the horizon

discovering it was her chariot after all

Never tiring climbing over the frozen Ferris wheel

the lonely Desert Rose

she jumped and lifted her heart's song

to a gypsum abalone alabaster Heaven

where only unloved discarded children go

I am the Luna Moth, I am the Firefly

I am the Cicada, and I am the burrowing, emerging Nymph

I am the lowly Caterpillar, I am the transcendent Swallow Tail

I am the mighty Texas Beetle the burning Bee

I flow to Eternity

the unknown, forsaken child sang

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Abandoned Child

A Child Care Center Marketing Plan

One of the leading factors that will contribute to your success or failure when you start a child care center is marketing. In order to win customers and grow into a larger business with more than one facility or just to maintain your existing group sizes you need a solid marketing strategy in place.

Here is an outline of a child care center business plan to guide you.


Identifying a Hungry Market

The first step in putting a child care center marketing plan together is to identify your market. This may seem obvious at first but there are many niches or sectors in this industry. These range from infant care, regular child care for preschoolers, after school care, weekend and evening care. The niches vary by the age of the children, location, what time the children are there and also increasingly by the quality and style of care, facilities and educational program.

The most successful operators identify a niche that is not being catered to sufficiently in their local area and they move into and dominate the market. Doing extensive market research for your childcare business and working on differentiating yourself from competitors are the keys here.

Packaging and Pricing Child Care Services

Once you have defined your niche you can then look at clearly defining the services that you offer to meet niche demands and you can look at ways of packaging your services in a way that appears to enhance their value. While still being flexible in what you offer you can put together attractive packages with catchy names such as 'Saturday Koala Club' for example. List what is included with each package and offer discounts for customers signing up for a full package (clients who prepay for every Saturday for three months in advance get 10% discount for example).

It is also important to do research into child care pricing so that you can come up with rates that make your business marketable.


By now you should have a fair idea about the child care brand that you will be establishing. Give some thought to thinking about how you want the public to perceive your business and note down a company philosophy and the values that you want to project to the community. Then you can meet with a graphic designer and start discussing how to visually represent the brand that you want to create with a logo design.

Child care Center Advertising and Promotion

The next step is to get word out about your new child care center and the services and packages that you offer. Advertising is an important part of any marketing plan and you should look at the many options available and start running some campaigns several months before opening for business.

Networking and Cross Promotions

Advertising is not the only way to go about attracting clients. You should look at ways of cross promoting your services with other local business and network in your local community to meet a wide range of people.

Don't write off working together with competitors to cross promote each other's services respectively. If you get an enquiry and find out that the child in question would be better suited to a program at another daycare then you are doing the parents a favor by letting them know. And if the other daycare center is also referring children that they feel are more suited to what you have to offer then this arrangement is a win win for all involved.

Word of Mouth Marketing

If you serve your existing customers well they will refer friends to you. This kind of 'word of mouth' advertising is free and can be fully exploited by giving your clients every reason to talk about you to their friends. Providing a great service is one thing but there are many other ways to get customers talking about you. Make their interaction with your business so unique, interesting and memorable that they can't wait to bring your center up in a conversation with their friends.

Refining a Sales Process

If your advertising and networking efforts are successful you should start to receive a good number of enquiries from families. At this point you need to have developed an effective sales process right through from making the appointment, the interview session, a tour, some soft selling and then closure of the deal.

Don't Stop Marketing to your Customers

Keep marketing to your existing customers even after they have signed up with your service. There are always additional products and services that you can sell to maximize the revenue that you make off each client.

Many small centers spend too much time focusing on the day-to-day work of running their business and neglect their marketing. To make your child care business a success you need to ensure that you, as the owner, or another trusted staff member can devote a large part of their day towards marketing. This will ultimately help to determine how successful and profitable your business will be.

A Child Care Center Marketing Plan

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