What is a Sugar Daddy?

The dictionary definition for sugar daddy is "a well-to-do usually older man who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress or girlfriend."  A slightly more modern version could also include "boyfriend" in the list.  But, in terms of the real world...what exactly is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is your average middle-aged man, not necessarily old and decrepit.  He is usually in his mid-40s.  Many times he is married, but he may be divorced or (rarely) a true bachelor.  A sugar daddy is looking for excitement and adventure.  He may be bored with his marriage or his wife doesn't give him the satisfaction he needs.  He may be beginning a mid-life crisis...or trying to avoid one.  Maybe he's bored.  Or lonely.  Maybe he doesn't want a traditional relationship because he works long, hard hours.  No matter the reason, he has chosen to pursue a sugar daddy relationship to fulfill his needs.  


Contrary to popular belief, a man does not have to be well-to-do in order to be a sugar daddy.  A sugar daddy can be anyone.  Rich or middle-class.  Young or old. Single or married.  Chiseled physique or Jabba the Hut (but usually in between).  He's the man you meet at the furniture store or the bar in your city's financial district.  He is the handsome man on the golf course or the entrepreneur.  More than anything, he is a man who enters a relationship knowing that he is expected to give financial help.  He knows that this is essential in maintaining the relationship.  

A sugar daddy is not expected to be your best friend, an accomplished lover, your husband-to-be (though it has been known to happen), a Hollywood hunk.  More likely, he is a workaholic, slightly dysfunctional, a white-collar professional.  When you do find a sugar daddy, you can expect him to be a financial advisor, a special friend, someone who pays for your car, tuition or rent, a "regular" guy.

The lifespan of a sugar daddy ranges from a short couple of months to many years.  The average sugar daddy relationship lasts for about a year...not very long and certainly not secure.  Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball to predict how long your sugar daddy relationship will last.  The good news is that there are plenty of fish in the sugar daddy sea.  You just have to have to bait your hook with the right lures.

What is a Sugar Daddy?

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The Truth About Baby Formula Dangers

Did you know that what you are feeding your precious baby after they are born may not be as good for them as what you think? Before deciding on whether or not you are going to feed you baby formula or breast feed, you should do a little bit of research. Most pediatricians agree that breast feeding is healthier for our babies then formula feeding.Have you ever wanted to know the truth about baby formula dangers?

Recent studies have shown that formula fed babies tend to be sicklier then babies who are fed breast milk. The reasons for this are extremely shocking. People who use formula that that comes premixed in a can also comes with that are highly dangerous. According to the Environmental Working Group, liquid infant formula that comes already mixed, come in cans lined with a toxic chemical called bisphenol A, or BPA. This toxin is a component of the plastic epoxy resins that are used to line metal food products.


BPA has been the subject of numerous laboratory test studies, all of which have provided proof that BPA affects both the reproductive systems of animals as well as brain development. If a product is not safe for animals then the exposure of humans to it is not recommended. If your child is fed infant formula, then the only way to reduce their exposure to BPA is by feeding them powdered formula.

Even using powdered infant formula doesn't cut out all risks and dangers. Using powdered formula means having to mix it with water. Most people, who choose to use powdered formula, mix the formula with regular tap water. Tap water is dangerous because of the possibilities of it carrying contaminants. Twenty-four out of twenty-five areas that were tested were found to have drugs and chemicals in their water.

When using tap water to mix powdered formula you run the risk of exposing your child to chemicals such as pesticides and nitrates. Some mothers fall victim to the theory that by boiling tap water you sterilize it and therefore make it safer to use. This is a common misconception. By boiling tap water you increase the concentration of Nitrates in the water.

Aside from exposing you child to potentially harmful toxins, you should also know that infant formula does not have to be approved by the FDA prior to it being marketed. The requirements that the FDA calls for prior to the distribution and marketing of formula is that it must meet federal nutrient requirements and that prior to being marketed the manufacturers register with and provide the FDA with a notification prior to marketing the formula.

Take everything into consideration before deciding on whether to breast feed or formula feed your new baby, and remember just how dangerous infant formulas can be.

The Truth About Baby Formula Dangers

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Omega 3 Fish Oil - Why Fish Oil Is A Safe Product For Your Child

While most people recognize the importance of omega 3 fish oil in adults, many still wonder about its effectiveness and safety for use in children. Rest assured that giving this supplement to your child is not only safe but beneficial, and you can start at a very young age. At breastfeeding age, a child needs essential nutrients to grow healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.

An essential nutrient in breast milk is called DHA. Many baby formula manufacturers are now adding this nutrient to their recipes because of studies proving enhanced brain activity in toddlers who were fed DHA-enriched formula as infants over those who did not receive such enriched formula.


This DHA is one of the essential components in omega 3. Therefore, it is the source that many companies use for enriching their baby formula recipes. In older children, the positive mental effects of this supplement continue to be seen. If you have a child suffering with undiagnosed ADD or ADHD, you may find it challenging to ever get your child to calm down.

Once you realize the condition they have, your heart may sink as you realize they will be prescribed with powerful drugs like Ritalin. Now studies confirm that omega 3 fish oil can actually be as effective as this drug without the unpleasant side effects.

The reason why it has a proven positive effect on children with ADHD is because it increases attention spans and the ability to concentrate. Both of these are severely lacking in children with ADHD but can be enhanced with omega 3 supplements. Obtaining your supplements is easy.

There are sources online for buying fish oil capsules with all the benefits attached. Be sure you only purchase superior omega 3 fish oil so you enjoy as many benefits as possible without any drawbacks.

When your baby is young, introduce the benefits of DHA by buying enriched baby formulas with omega 3 as the source for this amazing ingredient. Of course, this should only be the route you take if for some reason you cannot breastfeed.

All the nutrients and antibodies that can be passed onto your baby from your body are beneficial to their development. Also, while it is too early to suggest that omega 3 fish oil can replace all other treatments for ADHD, it is certainly something that should be considered in conjunction with other treatments.

Omega 3 Fish Oil - Why Fish Oil Is A Safe Product For Your Child

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Pre-Term Birth Complications - How Kangaroo Mother Care Can Help

Complications arising from pre-term birth are a direct cause of about 29% of new born deaths globally. Most preemies are born between 33 and 37 weeks. In order to survive, a very high level of care has to be provided to the infants. This care must pay close attention to feeding, warmth, early detection of problems and infections and, jaundice. Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is an important part of this care. Premature birth is a risk factor for poor outcomes if babies are not given the range of care and support that they may need, and in some cases what has made the difference has been KMC.

Children born before 33 weeks and weighing less than 1.5 kilos are at the greatest risk. They can suffer from breathing problems however still may be able to feed well and self latch for breastfeeding during KMC. A low birth weight is any weight that is less than 2.5 kilos. It can be caused by a pre-term birth or retarded growth in full-term babies. There is no miracle answer to prevent low birth weight and pre-term births however you know as a Mom that you can do Kangaroo Mother Care with your baby to help them grow and develop. Research shows that providing Kangaroo Mother Care to pre-term and/or low birth weight infants greatly reduces newborn deaths.


KMC involves caring for low birth weight, especially pre-term, babies by strapping them to the mother's chest skin-to-skin. The child is held in an upright position. During KMC care, the baby's heart rate and oxygen levels become more stable since they are calmer and have lower levels of stress. Three randomized trials suggested a 51% reduction in mortality rate when Kangaroo Mother Care has been practiced with pre term babies.

The beauty about Kangaroo Mother Care is that it is simple, and effective. Furthermore, it doesn't cost anything extra to implement which makes it viable in low income situations. In addition to the obvious mortality benefits, Kangaroo Care provides a loving contact between parent and child which establishes a life long emotional attachment for both.

Pre-Term Birth Complications - How Kangaroo Mother Care Can Help

For more information on the benefits of kangaroo mother care, please visit http://themiracleofkangaroomothercare.com your online resource for natural parenting and newborn care. Tony and Nyrie Roos are one of the internet's foremost resources on the education and application of Kangaroo Mother Care.

Be Cool and Wear an Optimus Prime Costume on Halloween

The two Transformers movies that were recently filmed in movies had put back the Transformers comic and cartoon craze back into life. This time they are better than they had ever been. If you plan on giving your kid a surprise this Halloween, then you can do so by checking out these fantastic Optimus Prime costumes.

As you may have seen in the two movies, comic books, and cartoons, Optimus Prime is a cool character that transforms himself into a flat nose truck. Some of his powers include projections of holographic maps and optic blasts that surely blow enemies away. In addition to that, he also once had a glowing axe that quickly became a trend for many action figures. As a lot of avid Transformers fans say, Optimus Prime is perhaps one of the best heroes in Cybertron, on Earth, and in the entire universe.


If your child is one of those avid Transformers fans, then he will truly love putting on an Optimus Prime costume on Halloween while he goes out with his friends, trick-or-treating across the neighborhood. This costume will truly make him stand out among his peers and you can expect a lot of candies on his basket when he gets back home.

Putting on a costume is one of the greatest ways of turning visions into the real thing. We know for a fact that no person can even come close to the looks of Optimus Prime. However, putting on an Optimus Prime costume can give your child's desires a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Being energetic and very imaginative is just but natural for little kids and it is never bad for a parent to let his child do this once in awhile. We have all been through the excitement of being a child once and it really is something enjoyable.

Let your little kid put on this awesome costume, and he will surely feel all of the energy and power that radiates from the character itself. You can never buy this feeling, yet, you can always let your child achieve this through an Optimus Prime costume. Aside from giving your child one of the best experiences of his entire life, you can also teach him a little idealism through this costume given the fact that the character he is trying to portray is a good guy.

It is without a doubt true that a lot of people have idolized this futuristic character since who would not stand in awe at something or somebody that has done a lot of sacrifices for the sake of other people. This trait truly magnifies the strength of the character of the Transformers icon. So, go ahead and get your kid the costume and let him feel the greatness of being a hero.

Be Cool and Wear an Optimus Prime Costume on Halloween

Optimus Prime Costumes are a sure hit this Halloween. Your son will surely adore this Optimus Prime Child Costume you brought for him!

Child Custody Character Reference Letters

In order to win a child custody trial, every parent should provide adequate proof regarding his character, which includes behavioral aspects and mental attitude. One of the best means to validate this point is to get reference letters from persons who know the parent outside his office. These may include friends, relatives, teammates, fellow volunteers or neighbors who can certify a person's personal attributes. Character reference letters are usually referred to as personal reference or personal recommendation letters.

These character reference letters have some subtle differences from the employment reference letter. These letters are usually written by persons who are acquainted with the parent including, friends, relatives and members of the family. They are written in a more informal language. These letters are more straightforward and describe about the personality of the parent. It always has a standard format and is not concentrated on the economic relationship. In character letters, usually the traits that are good are exaggerated and those that are bad and unacceptable are avoided.


A character reference letter usually consists of an opening that explains the relationship with the parent. It is followed by the body of the letter, where the entire description of the parent is penned down. And this is followed by closure of the letter where the referee recommends the parent. However, there are certain tips while writing these letters. Referees must take care to construct the letter based on the specific personal characters of the parents such as his parenting, commitment and attitude towards children. Many of these traits can also be emphasized by writing a short story about the parent that can aptly describe these traits. And the most important thing is to always avoid writing anything bad about the parent since it can prove detrimental to his child custody trail.

Child Custody Character Reference Letters

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