Five Unique Handmade Baby Gifts to Make For Baby Showers

If you are looking for baby gifts to make but are bored with the standard blanket and baby booties, here are five unique and unusual (yet still functional!) gifts to create that would be perfect baby shower gifts.

  • Time Capsule - Don't you wish someone had made you a time capsule of things from the year you were born? Collect newspaper and magazine clippings of current events, trends and fashion, a small toy from the most current hot children's movie and last, but not least, take photos of their home and their city! Document their neighborhood, take snapshots at the local grocery store, the post office, cars on the street, the local school, the front of their house, their parents and their family! Include notes from family members and a special letter from you introducing them to the world. Collect it all and put it in a decorative wooden keepsake box, leaving some room for the parents to add some things of their own. Just think what a treasure this will be when they are your age!
  • Padded Mat - No, it isn't just another boring blanket! This time, create an extra thick and padded blanket, a cushy surface that will be perfect for tummy time, even on hardwood floors. Get creative with it and add "activity" toys to it, such as detachable soft toys, flaps that hide bright pictures and small ribbon tags. You could even line the bottom with waterproof PUL fabric which will turn it into the perfect outside on wet grass park blanket.
  • Name Blocks - Purchase enough blank wooden blocks at a craft store to spell out baby's name. Decorate each block with the letter an/or images that start with that letter. You could paint with non-toxic acrylic paint, decoupage with paper or fabric or wood burn your design. For design ideas, look at the crib bedding set that the parents registered for and use the same theme or color scheme on your blocks.
  • Mix CD - Make baby a mix CD? Yes! Create a mix CD of soothing music, classical is an obvious choice but get creative with music in your collection or check out iTunes for lullaby ideas. Alternatively, a fun and upbeat mix of baby friendly music might be just the thing! Face it, most music marketed towards babies is terrible and many parents would love to have a "normal music" CD to listen to that is still baby friendly.
  • Handmade Books - You can purchase blank board books that are the perfect canvas for your own stories! If baby will live far away from extended family, create a story using real photos of family members so that baby can get to know them. Or, create a funny story about the family pet, your own version of an alphabet book, a picture book with different kinds of cars or butterflies, etc. Draw your own or create collages from actual photographs or magazine pictures.


Have fun creating some unique handmade baby gifts for your next baby shower! These fun projects will be appreciated by both the parents and the baby, which is exactly what a handmade baby gift should be about.

Five Unique Handmade Baby Gifts to Make For Baby Showers

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Proper Baby Shower Etiquette

The rules of baby shower etiquette are changing and being bent, but there are certainly some rules that you should still abide by. Here are some of the basic rules of baby shower etiquette:

· Who should hold the shower? Traditionally, friends or co-workers have held baby showers, but it is becoming more and more common for close family members to, as well. The rule of thumb is, if you want to throw a shower, go for it! This applies to everyone except for the parents to be.


· Should fathers and men be invited to the shower? Traditionally, baby showers have been held for women, but there is no baby shower etiquette rule that states that men cannot come, too. Fathers enjoy opening presents, too! Of course, if you do decide to invite males, try to stay away from games that are too cutesy that they may not like. Try to think of foods and activities that both men and women would enjoy.

· How should I invite guests? It is becoming more and more acceptable to invite guest via telephone or e-mail. Of course, the best method is still a written-out invitation sent via the US mail service. You can be sure that people will appreciate this method better, and the invitation itself can serve as an extra reminder as to when the special day is.

· When should I hold the shower? Baby shower etiquette generally dictates that the shower should be held 1-2 months before the baby is due. This gives the parents enough time to go out and shop for important items that they did not receive at the shower. You do not want to hold the shower too close to the due date, in case the baby comes early. You may instead decide to hold a "welcoming" baby shower one to three weeks after the birth of the baby (just make sure that you give the guests enough notice! You obviously will not know when this sort of shower can be held until the baby is actually born). This sort of shower is great for parents who did not want to know in advance the sex of their baby... guests will know whether to bring gifts for a boy or a girl. It is also good to hold a "welcoming" baby shower so that family and friends who are coming into town for the birth of the baby can attend, as well.

· Is it ok to sign up for a baby registry? Old rules of etiquette would say that it is a definite no-no to tell your guests what to bring (besides assigning a certain theme). But baby gift registries are becoming more and more useful and more and more popular. Go ahead and sign up for a baby gift registry. You can include a note in the invitation that says where you are registered, but it looks best if you can get the word around by word of mouth. Be sure that the cost of items covers a wide range. You can also propose that guests chip in for one, larger item.

· Do I still need to send out Thank-Yous? You most definitely need to send out thank-you notes for all of your gifts. While you are opening them at your party, ask someone to be a scribe and write down everything that you get as you open it. A host may even choose to print out in advance a list of the addresses of all of the guests, then the gift that each person gave can be written right next to the name, making it easier for the mother to send out a proper thank you note. Also, another benefit to getting thank-you notes out early is that a mother will be much to busy once the baby is born. Also, a thank-you note and even a small token of thanks should be given to the host of the shower.

· What should I give the guests? Part of good baby shower etiquette is making sure that the guests have a good time. After all, they deserve to have a little fun as payment for the great gift that they are giving. What you give the guests does not matter so much as the fact that you should give something. Be sure to have plenty of food and good drinks at the shower. You can send each guest home with an additional party favor as well. You can also have some lovely gifts as prizes for baby shower games.

· Should I have a shower for a second baby? It is perfectly fine to have a shower for a second baby. After all, you are going to need a few new items. Of course, proper etiquette states that only very close friends and family members should be invited to the shower of a second child. You can also invite people who did not attend any showers for the first child.

Proper Baby Shower Etiquette

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The Most Powerful Writing Tool on Earth - Observation

In the field of observation, chance favors the prepared mind.
Louis Pasteur.

Have you ever wondered how great writers, authors and journalists keep pumping out material on a regular basis? The words of Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Charles Dickens seem to go on forever. Where does this material come from? How do they remain so fresh, topical and interesting? Why do they attract such a large following? Where do they get all their ideas from? The answer is observation. They observe (or observed) the world around them, kept notes and wrote about what they observed.

Stephen King

Go out and spend a buck or two today, buy a newspaper then analyze it and see how it is formatted. You will notice it begins with hard news articles, factual articles in a brief, how, when, where, and why format. You will find feature articles that were perhaps former hard news articles that writers have re-written in greater detail. They would have researched this further, interviewed more people, and written a longer more elaborate story. You will find fillers, tiny articles editors use from time to time to fill gaps in the paper. Then, of course, you will find assorted photographs and illustrations. Newspapers hit the streets each and every day and need to be topical. Writers must come up with fresh material or reader interest will wane and disappear.

Maintaining a blog or webpage which is designed to attract a following, is no different to a newspaper. It requires an interested audience who feed off interesting articles. These, for the most part, should also be topical and offered to your readers in a simple tone with as few adjectives and adverbs as possible. Don't bore your readers; interest them. Don't preach to them, inform them. Offer them, "eye-opening" articles that will have them asking for more. Readers read because they need entertainment and information. Cover these two elements and you are on a winner.

So how do you keep drumming up fresh, topical articles? Well, as previously mentioned, you use the world's most powerful tool for writers: OBSERVATION.

Article writing material passes each and every one of us on a daily basis. Whether you live in a city, town, or out in the sticks the facts are that a good to great story is unfolding right before your eyes. Giving you examples will kill the purpose of this article. YOU need to become and observer in your field and figure that out for yourself. I have been one for over 20 years. If you train yourself as an observer, you will soon find that you have too much to write about. You don't need examples, just a simple formula. Stick to this and you will have all it takes to be a consistent writer.


Read the newspapers, listen to talkback radio, the word on the street and the latest developments on the internet. What's new? What are the latest trends? What are people talking about? Who has the best, the latest, or greatest money making ideas? Keep an open mind and leave home each day as an observer. Don't let things pass you by without reaction. Observe and react. Ask yourself, is this newsworthy? Observation is more often than not an intrusive tool. You spy on your neighbor, eavesdrop at your local coffee shop or hangout and you are never afraid to stick your nose in and "sniff out," a good story. It's all out there and it's all happening right now. You have to find it.


When you find a story you consider worthwhile, investigate it further. Ask questions. Arrange interviews. Search and research until it comes together in a neat start to finish package with a decent middle. Sometimes stories come easy and the ground work is minimal. Other times it's hard slog. However, it's the hard slog articles that pay dividends and get your name up in lights. In future articles I will elaborate on research and interview techniques and discuss the, "How To" of these arts. For now, go for the smaller stuff and simply learn to become an observer.


You can observe your soul out, but without some recording tools it can be a futile crusade. You need to recall facts, figures, names and details when you eventually start word-processing. A reliable pen and a small to medium sized notepad should accompany you 24/7. Tape recorders, cameras and other types of technology are optional, but the simplest and easiest tool is a pen and paper. Important things to highlight when writing are correct spelling of names, accurate quotes and correct titles.

You may at this point feel the title is a bold statement. If so you may wish to note this quote from a better man than myself. The man who founded, Forbes Magazine and the Investors League and also author of more than 7 books, including, How To Get The Most Out Of Business.

Judgment can be acquired only by acute observation, by actual experience in the school of life, by ceaseless alertness to learn from others, by study of the activities of men who have made notable marks, by striving to analyze the everyday play of causes and effects, by constant study of human nature.  

B.C. Forbes

The Most Powerful Writing Tool on Earth - Observation

There are few things in life that produce moments of spontaneous elation. A lottery win, getting the keys to your new car, the first night of your honeymoon and for writers, the final period following a completed and edited draft. Learn the methods I use to create copy that sells. It isn't hard and it's free.

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Do Bananas Cause Constipation? We Explain the Truth Once and For All

A common question posed by constipation sufferers is: "do bananas cause constipation?" This article explores this topic in more depth and seeks to give you the answer to this often asked question, once and for all.

Interestingly, this question does not have a simplified "yes" or "no" response. The truth of the matter is that bananas can help fend off issues with constipation just as easily as consuming them can be a source of constipation.



  • Bananas are very high in soluble fiber which, in some cases, helps to move the bowels through the intestinal tract so bananas can be helpful in eliminating constipation issues.
  • Bananas contain an ingredient identified as pectin and the pectin is the source of fiber in bananas.
  • Consuming a single banana offers you more than fifteen percent of the entire daily fiber intake you require.
  • The ripeness of a banana will determine whether or not it will make you constipated when it is consumed.
  • The potassium in ripe bananas helps to alleviate diarrhea since it replaces needed electrolytes.
  • Fructooligosaccharide are found in bananas; an enzyme producing compound that assists in natural digestion and hinders the fermentation of bananas once inside the intestinal tract; this helps to prevent constipation in some cases.

Unripe Bananas

When bananas are green, consuming them can cause you to become constipated. The unripe bananas or Plantains are far more difficult for your body to digest; they are also bitter to the taste due to the tannin in the green bananas. Since Plantains are more difficult on the digestive tract, the green banana variants may move into the intestinal tract and cause a binding effect in the bowels. These types of bananas are also filled with heavy starches, which can also contribute to constipation.

How Many Bananas Should You Consume?

You should definitely consume bananas in moderation; one, but no more than two bananas per day is recommended to maintain healthy bowel movements. The bananas that you do decide to consume should be yellow with several blackened spots on them; this indicates the banana's ripeness. You might want to start with a single banana daily to see how the bananas affect your system.

Do Bananas Cause Constipation? We Explain the Truth Once and For All

Are you sick and tired of constantly being constipated? Do you want to find out exactly how to deal with this problem? Visit the natural cures for constipation website to find out the best methods for getting rid of this problem long term.

Care for a Baby Bearded Dragon Lizard

The bearded dragon lizard, a native of Australia, is one of the most popular choices when choosing a reptile as a house pet. Mainly due to its docile and friendly disposition, this sociable reptile has been gracing pet stores and houses at an increasing rate.

Adopting the bearded dragon lizard as part of the family requires planning and care. Below are some guidelines that can be used in caring for the baby bearded dragon that will become the newest member of your family.


1. Baby bearded dragons require a lot o food to support their rapid growth rate. Between the first 3-6 weeks, feed your baby dragon about 2-3 times a day. Cricket, veggies, and greens can be used while watering can be done once or twice daily. It is rule of thumb that the food you will feed them must be about half the size as the distance between his eyes. This is to ensure that your dragon will not suffer from terminal indigestion.

2. Check for parasites regularly. Although they are parasite-free upon purchase, being bred in captivity, there is always the danger of parasite infestation once your baby dragon has been exposed to the elements, especially to the bugs, worms, and crickets he will be fed with.

3. Provide ample space for your dragon to grow in. The recommended size is a 10 gallon aquarium for a newly hatched dragon, while a 20 gallon tank is needed in the next six months due to your baby dragon's speedy growth. When your bearded dragon reaches adulthood, the size should be changed to a 50 gallon tank to provide enough space for basking, exercise and growth.

4. Clean the baby dragon's house regularly. Since bearded dragons are messy creatures, their homes must be cleaned twice a day. It is a danger for a baby dragon's health if their surroundings are not kept clean because their young age makes them more susceptible to fleas and diseases. The highest mortality rate of bearded dragons take place during their first month.

5. Provide temperature control in your baby dragon's tank. This can be done by using a temperature gradient. There should a spot warm enough for the baby dragon to bask and lie in and there should be a spot humid enough to answer to the dragon's need for water. Baby bearded dragons need water both as a drink and in the air to aid their growth in the first months of their life. Lack of humidity in the air can actually cause your baby dragon to shed.

6. Provide UV light. The light should imitate the one given off by the sun as this helps in your baby dragon's digestion. Working in a way much like photosynthesis, UV light encourages healthy digestion in your dragon. This is especially important for baby dragons as they are always in danger of indigestion due to your young age and reduced capacity to absorb food in large sizes.

7. It is recommended to use paper towels as your baby dragon's substrate. Its is clean, easy to replace when dirty, and inedible.

8. Handle your dragon daily. This will develop their trust towards humans and build their bond with you. Just make sure that you are gentle in handling them and that you never pick them up them up with their tail. They dislike this and will make them thrash about, which is harmful for your baby dragon. You may choose to scoop them up with your cupped hands.

Care for a Baby Bearded Dragon Lizard

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What Does Relationship Mean To You?

Relationship before and after marriage is not the same.
It needs more commitment and a deeper level of understanding what relationship really meant.

What does relationship really mean to you?


Is it just being together as boy-girl friend and we are one couple?

Or is it being aware of what is going on each other's life and wanting to be a part of it?

Or is it being able to sacrifice oneself for the other party even if dying is part of it?

Just before marriage, holding on to this relationship is my first priority. Making the wedidng works has been my focus for the whole of last year.

It is not easy to hold a wedding. Organising a wedding include communication and understanding of each other. It meant putting ourselves in each other's shoes too.

I have already mentioned in the past that marriage is not just between two people, but between two families, two futures, two past, two presence.

What do I mean?

Marrying two families together means respecting families' beliefs, values, matter how weird or unfamiliar it seemed to be.

Marrying the past meant marrying the child of the adult. We all cope and behave how we found it effective when we were young. Some adults still suckle their thumbs in private if it gives them the security as and when she was a child or baby.

All of us have our fears and anxiety as what we had experienced as a child. Some, even living in the present, still experience such discomfort, just like she was a child again.

Marrying the presence means being here and now. It means setting aside time for each other, going for an annual vacation no matter where it is or doing something fun together.

Marrying the future means marrying the dreams and aspirations of two individuals. Yes, there is marriage but do you give up what you had always wanted to do.

As for me, I do my best to support my wife in her aspiration, be it from learning how to drive to eventually be the best designer that she can be.

Right now, I am coming up with a Marriage book. I am getting really excited and I have found another author who is willing to partner with me. So do keep a look-out.

What Does Relationship Mean To You?

Jhong Ren owns an authority wedding blog and he aims to provide 1 million wedding couples wedding planning helpand relationship problem advice. His Wedding Blog is at Jhong Ren is the best selling author of the Wedding Series - "Plan Your Fabulous Wedding" at

Baby Penguins

Penguins are a group of flightless birds found only in the southern hemisphere. They are of the order Sphenisciformes and the family Spheniscidae. There are seventeen species of penguins in the world, the largest of which is the Empire penguin, which stands at an average height of 3 feet and 9 inches. Most people think that penguins live only in the coldest places on Earth like Antarctica, but penguins also live in the tropics. A species of penguins live in the Galapagos Islands near the equator.

Penguins are some of the most familiar animals in the planet, although most people have never seen a penguin in the wild. But most people recognize penguins because of the distinct and easily identifiable black-and-white plumage that all penguins have. Penguins, in their natural habitat, are extremely adapted to the aquatic life. The sea is their main source of food, which consists of fish and small crustaceans called krill.


Penguins have a peculiar mating habit; some penguins will mate for life, while others for just one season. Penguin parents usually cooperate in taking care of their baby penguins. But it is mostly the task of the male penguin to incubate the egg until it is hatched. It is amazing how penguins take care of their offspring in the extreme cold and harshness of their habitat. Baby penguins are hatched covered with a grayish down that protects the chicks from the cold.

Throughout the nesting period, baby penguins are confined to the burrow or nest where they are fed by their parents. When baby penguins reach the age where they don't need constant care from their parents, they are often grouped in nurseries where they wait while their parents hunt for food. One amazing trait of both parent and baby penguins is that they recognize each other even in the midst of hundreds of penguins. Once the baby penguin sheds its downy feathers and gets its plumage, it can then start to fend for himself.

Baby Penguins

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Baby Shower Invitation Wording - The Essentials

There are many that may fold at the thought of drafting their own baby shower invitation wording, but that need not be you. Keep the task simple, and manageable. What you'll achieve is a truly unique invite that can be claimed by your guests of honor as their own. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful.

First of all, the bulk of your baby shower invitation wording consists of the obvious particulars, namely, answering the questions: a shower for Who, When will the event occur, Where the event will take place, baby registry and RSVP info. It would be best to confer with the guests of honor, even discreetly, to establish this info.


Once the previous items are outlined, you'll move on to baby shower invitation wording that provides the "OOMPH" in personalizing the invite. It is best to have a theme already established; here is where you'll have creative license. A simple 2-4 line poem is what you're shooting for, consider a haiku format or the help of Dr. Seuss if you're needing a whimsical tone. If you need a creative boost use the internet, and other resources that relate to the theme.

Finally, the design and format of the invitation helps package everything nicely. Your word processor can accomplish this task, or designate that to your local or online stationers. Be mindful that the design of the invite provides a visual on the theme and may also include a photo of the parents-to-be. Knowing that this will serve as memorabilia for the family, this component is the "nice touch" that can secure a few "OOHS and AHHS" from its viewers.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording - The Essentials

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You will find information on baby shower invitations, themes, decorations, diaper-cakes, games and more.

Masculine Baby Names

Masculine is a gender that refers to male, boy, or man. Masculine names are usually given to newly born baby boy. The masculine names describe the qualities and behaviors of men. The names on documents allow us to understand the unique baby names on medieval times.

The words on languages carry a gender. For example, the tree in Spanish is arbol. It carries a masculine gender. All the adjectives and verbs that refer to arbol must be masculine as well. The baby names are totally the opposite. Male baby names only refer to baby boys, while female baby names only refer to baby girls. For example, Aaron is definitely a masculine baby name. And, Abigail is definitely a feminine baby name. However, some baby names are unisex. It works for female and male.


In the year of 1228, the alliance agreement was signed at Pisa, Italy. The Siena, Pistoria, and Poggibonsi formed an alliance. Interestingly, the names are all masculine. Ending of inus, ctus, uccius, and ellus, the most names were in Latin. The top masculine names are Bounacorsus, Guido, Ugolinus, Gherardus, Iacobus, Iohannes, Ranerius, Arrigus, and Ildibrandus.

There are only two lists of fifteenth century masculine names that were recorded on Venice, Italy. The lists are the Captains of Trade Galleys and Galley Captains of Trade Barberia. The most of the names are from the highest noble family of Venice. The name of the captain includes the given name and family name. The top five names by popularity are Nicolo, Piero, Francesco, Alexandro, and Antonio. Obviously, the names are all Italian baby names.

In sixteenth century, the book came out in Spain. The book is entitled the Catalog of Passengers to the New World. The book records the names of people who traveled from Spain to see the outside world. The names consist of a given name, and one or two bynames. It tells where the origin of the baby name. Basically, the byname tells the name of parent, or location. By order of popularity, the top masculine names are Juan, Francisco, Pedro, Diego, Alonso, Hernando, Cristobal, Antonio, Andres, and Gonzalo.

Irish also recorded Irish baby names as far as 600 BC. From 1601-1616, the top masculine names are Artur, Conchobar, Fitheal, Niall, Padraigin, Roibeard, Seamus, Sean, Searlas, Tadhg, and Uaitear.

Masculine Baby Names

Dennis Estrada is a webmaster of unique baby names, italian baby names, and irish baby names websites.

Baby Shower Gifts - The Best and the Worst

Awesome baby shower gifts can easily become awful baby shower gifts if you do not exercise some common sense while buying these gifts. You may not have a baby of your own but that's no excuse to give Junior something terrible.

Top 5 baby shower gifts:


Baby bedding: Besides being immensely useful, baby bedding is pretty and fun. These are available in a variety of attractive colors and are available in the best materials. Pastel sheets filled with the most attractive designs not only keep parents and child happy, but look like a dream too. Soft baby blankets keep the baby warm and look so good that you may want to buy more than one!

Baby bath kit: Fun and functional - that is the way to give baby shower gifts that are loved by parents as well as babies. The baby bath kit could include all the essentials like a bath tub, shampoo, soaps, washcloth, fluffy towels and moisturizer. You could even include a nice little toy like a bright yellow duck that floats in water!

Baby toys: Looking after a baby is a full time job. It takes a lot of effort because the baby craves constant attention. However, babies are bright young things and their attention is easily riveted to attractive toys.Infant bouncy seats are a great way to keep the child engaged when mom is busy in the kitchen. Similarly, an activity gym consists of a number of toys suspended from bars. These dangle within the baby's grasp and encourage the infant to develop his motor skills and eyesight.

Baby sling/carrier: Children like to be in the middle of the action, except when they are sleeping. One of the easiest ways in which new moms can keep baby happy while getting their work done is a child sling. The sling keeps the children warmly tucked to the mom, leaving the mother's hands free to do whatever chore she wants. Baby carriers are also a thoughtful gift for these allow parents to go out with the child comfortably tucked into a carrier.

Baby gift baskets: Theme-oriented and practical, baby gift baskets are a great way of gifting something exuberant. You need not limit yourself to any one item. Also, gift baskets are available in a wide range of prices. Baby shower gift baskets are practical and unique. They are easy to find and many encompass a wide variety of themes.

Worst baby shower gifts:

Inner wear for the newborn: When the baby is just a few days old, he or she is not going to wear inner wear and these tiny pieces of clothing become too small by the time the baby is finally ready to wear them.

High heels: Some people like to take infant fashion to the limits. Baby high heel shoes may be soft but they give all the wrong messages, and when the child is finally ready to stand up, heels are a potential danger too.

Wipe warmer: Yes, small toddlers do not like the cold. But it is possible to warm baby wipes by simply holding them in your palms. An electric device for this purpose is nothing short of a monstrosity.

Baby Shower Gifts - The Best and the Worst

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Wholesale Sites on Baby Items: Why Are They Useful to Businesses?

Wholesale sites provide retailers the opportunity to meet the unique demands of their customers. Consumers buying baby items are very particular because these products get outgrown quickly. Cost efficiency is essential when selling apparel or other related goods since infant use is fairly limited. Infant clothes are an easy sell when the price is right and the merchandise is appealing. Profit margins can be astounding when they are purchased through wholesale sites on baby items. Online dealers sell infant clothes and goods in bulk to anyone with a business license. This option provides the ability to offer special deals and affordable merchandise to customers. Even if your products are not strictly infant related, you may buy wholesale merchandise to gain a share of this particular consumer market for additional sales.

Wholesale Baby Products: Improve Sales by Delivering Quality Goods for Less


The population is growing at a tremendous rate and the need for amazing infant apparel continues to increase as babies are born every day. People do not want to celebrate this new arrival with status quo retail merchandise. They desire something unique at a price they can afford. This demand may be met by adding wholesale items to your current merchandise lineup. Give certain items away for free when customers meet a designated purchase amount or as a reward for returning buyers. Wholesale baby products also allow you to expand to hospital or other businesses in need of special baskets or other celebrative goods. Apparel is a great addition to any designed basket and also provides a little something different from the traditional plush toy given as a bonus gift. Expecting parents actually find the clothing to be one of the largest cost struggles of having a baby. This is simply because children grow fast and baby retailers typically charge high prices for apparel.

You are capable of gaining a better share of the market by offering apparel or other goods at a reasonable price. Wholesale baby products supply designs unlike those found at the traditional retail store. They also offer the ability to charge a lower price without losing out on desired profits. Buying from these sites is very easy as long as a valid business license and Federal Tax Identification number can be provided. This information must be supplied to the distributor prior to buying and most places also require account creation before bulk purchases may be completed. All merchandise is viewable without the need for a signup allowing anyone to browse before making the decision to buy. Wholesale sites on baby items are geared toward supplying innovative gifts at an astounding price discount. They are truly an option worth considering when the goal is to supply new goods or alter merchandise pricing structures. A good supplier can help you expand an existing product line and open the door to a whole new realm of customers. You will be amazed at how much this simple change can give back to your business. Peruse a few sites today to see the variety of goods distributors have to offer.

Wholesale Sites on Baby Items: Why Are They Useful to Businesses?

Wholesale sites on baby items help companies purchase discounted bulk goods such as apparel. A retailer may add wholesale baby products at a reduced price to advance sales possibilities.

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces For Your Next Baby Shower

Whether you are making homemade baby showers centerpiece for the food table or the gift table, you can easily come up and create you own masterpiece. Creativity goes a long way and saves a lot of money! When you begin brainstorming centerpiece ideas, revert back to your overall theme. If the mommy-to-be is having a boy and you have a shower that focuses on all the different sports, then maybe you could have a toy wagon or Tonka truck full of toddler sport equipment. If it is a beautiful baby girl that is expected them you could Care Bears in Diapers as their pastel colors would be perfect.

For the food table, your centerpiece should be your cake, or a diaper cake. A diaper cake is a non-edible creative "cake" made of diapers with baby shower gifts attached to it. You can place it in a cake dish if you would like for an added effect. The diaper cake would look just as great on the gift table and can serve as both a gift and a centerpiece. You could also place miniature pacifiers, bottles, or carriages, (found at your local Dollar Tree), around the food table. Another cute idea for the food table include a basket lined with a clean baby receiving blanket and filled with cookies. For the final touch to the "cookie basket" add a bottle filled with pastel colored m&m's! If your theme involves rubber ducks, why not add a baby bathtub filled with punch to your food table with floating rubber ducks.


For the centerpiece of the guest's tables, you could use:

  • Candles shaped like baby bottles
  • Remove the nipple from baby bottles and use the base as a vase; insert fresh or artificial flowers
  • Remove the nipple from the baby bottle and insert candy
  • Styrofoam Baby Bootie Cups - these are adorable baby booties made from styrofoam cups that you can insert mints, jelly beans, etc. in.
  • Alphabet Blocks

The gift table could easily go without a centerpiece for an inexpensive baby shower as it is likely to be bright and colorful with all the wrapped gifts. As stated earlier, the diaper cake would be perfect. Other great ideas include:

  • Diaper wreath - this could also be hung on the delivery room door
  • Balloons - by themselves or attached to a diaper stuffed animal or floral arrangement
  • Floral arrangement

Making your own centerpiece is easier than you think and you will wow your guests and yourself with these great ideas.

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces For Your Next Baby Shower

Maleshia Cave loves sharing inexpensive baby shower ideas. Her site has step-by-step directions, with pics, for making homemade baby shower centerpieces.

Baby Shower Ideas - Essentials For The Perfect Baby Shower

Finding great baby shower ideas doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Great ideas can usually be found by deciding on a theme for your shower and then simply organizing all the necessary elements under your theme. Below is a simple outline of what you will need to host the perfect baby shower.



You can narrow down your list of themes by knowing if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl (though this can be difficult since many moms-to-be prefer not to know their child's gender until birth). The next step is to pick your theme. This can really be anything and many popular themes include: Diapers, Noah's Ark, Nursery Rhymes, Zoo (Baby Animals), Sports, Cars, Wizard of Oz, Baby Needs, Rubber Ducks, Smart Baby, Retro (Vintage) Baby, Holidays, Locations and many others make great ideas. One important thing to note when using a baby shower theme is that it is important to let your guests know what your theme is so that they can prepare their gifts accordingly.

Baby Shower Games

Playing games at your baby shower has always been a popular pastime and they can create a nice festive and playful atmosphere for your guests. Using your theme as your guide, baby shower games should be easy to come up with. Some games might include: Bingo, Baby Name games, Nursery Rhyme Quiz, Draw a Guest, Word Scrambles, Celebrity Moms and Dads, Baby Jeopardy.


Baby shower decorations should be simply once you have decided on your theme. Traditional decorations might include, streamers, appropriately colored floral arrangements, themed candles, themed table cloths and napkins, baby themed items such as bottles, pacifiers and balloons. Many of these items won't break your budget and can be found at many retailers in your area that focus on party supplies.

Party Favors

Party favors are one of the things that can truly add a unique dimension to your baby shower. Since many people will be taking these home as a keepsake, providing something memorable can go a long way in making a lasting impression with your baby shower. Personalized Candle Tins, Crystal or Ceramic Keepsakes, Personalized Soap, Photo Coasters, Personalized Tea Bags, Themed Vases, Personalized Seeds for Planting, Mini Topiaries all make great baby shower favors. One of our personal favorites are Candy Bars with Personalized Candy Wrappers.

Baby Shower Invitations

Your invitations are your opportunity to let your guests know about your shower theme as well as other important information. There are many choices when it comes to finding the perfect baby shower invitations and depending on the impression you would like to make, many different levels of quality. Since invitations are one of the other items that your guests will likely keep as a memento, it can be well worth it to go the extra mile and use invitations that are handmade and of high quality. A soft, premium quality paper (such as Fabriano) will make all the difference and is always a great idea.

And there you have it, a brief guideline that will hopefully help you in putting together your own unique and memorable baby shower. Using themes can really make this process simple since once you have decided on one, you can narrow your choices down for the other items quickly which makes implementing your ideas a snap.

Baby Shower Ideas - Essentials For The Perfect Baby Shower

Looking to make the perfect invitation for your baby shower? Let Bumpercards help you create baby shower invitations or handmade personalized stationery that make the right impression with your guests.