Masculine Baby Names

Masculine is a gender that refers to male, boy, or man. Masculine names are usually given to newly born baby boy. The masculine names describe the qualities and behaviors of men. The names on documents allow us to understand the unique baby names on medieval times.

The words on languages carry a gender. For example, the tree in Spanish is arbol. It carries a masculine gender. All the adjectives and verbs that refer to arbol must be masculine as well. The baby names are totally the opposite. Male baby names only refer to baby boys, while female baby names only refer to baby girls. For example, Aaron is definitely a masculine baby name. And, Abigail is definitely a feminine baby name. However, some baby names are unisex. It works for female and male.


In the year of 1228, the alliance agreement was signed at Pisa, Italy. The Siena, Pistoria, and Poggibonsi formed an alliance. Interestingly, the names are all masculine. Ending of inus, ctus, uccius, and ellus, the most names were in Latin. The top masculine names are Bounacorsus, Guido, Ugolinus, Gherardus, Iacobus, Iohannes, Ranerius, Arrigus, and Ildibrandus.

There are only two lists of fifteenth century masculine names that were recorded on Venice, Italy. The lists are the Captains of Trade Galleys and Galley Captains of Trade Barberia. The most of the names are from the highest noble family of Venice. The name of the captain includes the given name and family name. The top five names by popularity are Nicolo, Piero, Francesco, Alexandro, and Antonio. Obviously, the names are all Italian baby names.

In sixteenth century, the book came out in Spain. The book is entitled the Catalog of Passengers to the New World. The book records the names of people who traveled from Spain to see the outside world. The names consist of a given name, and one or two bynames. It tells where the origin of the baby name. Basically, the byname tells the name of parent, or location. By order of popularity, the top masculine names are Juan, Francisco, Pedro, Diego, Alonso, Hernando, Cristobal, Antonio, Andres, and Gonzalo.

Irish also recorded Irish baby names as far as 600 BC. From 1601-1616, the top masculine names are Artur, Conchobar, Fitheal, Niall, Padraigin, Roibeard, Seamus, Sean, Searlas, Tadhg, and Uaitear.

Masculine Baby Names

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