How to Have a Male Baby

If you've found this article, it makes sense to assume that you're thinking about or trying to get pregnant and you'd prefer having a male or boy baby. Below, I'll offer you advice to make this goal a reality and will also explain how and why these methods work.  Then, I'll offer you a few tips that can make this process run a bit more smoothly.

The Male Or Y Sperm Does Not Determine The Sex Of Your Baby:  I've had many people email me and ask "doesn't the male sperm determine the sex of your baby?" Actually, no, if you mean the Y sperm.  The sperm produced by the father-to-be, of course, does affect the baby.  But, that father-to-be's sperm contains chromosomes (both X and Y) that will produce two different baby genders.  X will produce a girl and Y will produce a boy.  Whichever of these are able to fertilize the egg first is the gender that will be produced. So, if Y wins the race, you'll get a boy and vice verse if X wins the race. 


Increasing Your Chances Of Having A Male Baby: What really greatly improves your chances of having a male baby is manipulating the Y and X sperm based on what we know about the characteristics of both of these.  Y or boy sperm is lightning fast and this is a good thing.  But, to balance things out, it's also very weak and short lived.  To be successful in getting your son, you'll need to manipulate several things to give these weak little guys a fighting chance.

How to Have a Male Baby

The first variable we need to manipulate is timing.  Boy sperm don't living for very long in your vaginal tract, so you want to conceive on the very day that you are most able to get pregnant (the day of your ovulation).  This ensures that those Y's don't have to wait around long enough to begin to die off and that they are still healthy and speedy.

It's important to find a very reliable ovulation predictor because if you are even slightly off on this, it can make a big difference.  I really like saliva predictors as they are cheap, reusable, and they really work quite well.

The second variable we can manipulate is your vagina or reproductive acidity and PH.  Remembering that the boy sperm often struggle to live long enough to make it to the egg, it's important to address a high PH. Because this environment is very hostile to these little guys and this can certainly be fixed.  You'll just need to alkalize your body until your PH is low enough to be friendly to a boy conception.

There are two ways you can do this. One way is through the foods you eat. Foods can be characterized as acidic or alkaline in varying degrees.  You'll need to cut out foods with a high PH and embrace foods with a low one.  There are foods list that help with this.

The second way to obtain an alkaline reading is by douching with neutralizing recipes.  Often, when I tell people this they groan.  I know the idea of douching is not always a great one. But, realize that this is just a short regimen that you'll only need to keep up until you are alkaline enough to know you're in striking range. There are douche recipes out there and using both douching and diet yields quick and dramatic results.

One tool that makes this all easier is PH testers.  They will tell you exactly where you are and how far you need to go.  And, you can continue to use them to check your progress.

The final variable that you can manipulate is how you send the sperm to the egg.  This means which positions you use during intercourse and conception.  Again, keep in mind that we want to give the weak boy swimmers a quick, and easy trip.  The way to do this is with positions that allow for deeper penetration.

I know that this can seem like a lot of information to process.  But, you can really break it down into small pieces.  First, determine your ovulation date.  Then, begin tweaking your PH well before that to allow for enough time to reach your optimal PH level.  Finally, when both of these things have the green light, use the right sexual positions.  Doing all of these things makes a huge difference and is said to raise your odds of getting a male infant to as high as over 90%.

How to Have a Male Baby

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