3 Hidden Home Hazards to Be Aware of During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it a long list of changes, many of which are unexpected for the average mother-to-be. For instance, when you got pregnant, did you know that you could no longer eat your favorite deli sandwich or soak in the sauna at the gym?

Fortunately, many of these lifestyle changes are temporary and only in effect until the new baby arrives. But as a pregnant woman, it's important to remain vigilant and watch out for any potential dangers that could affect your unborn baby, especially in hidden hazards lurking around the house:


1. Paint Fumes: According to the American Pregnancy Association, exposure to household paint when repainting a nursery, for example, should pose a very low risk to an unborn baby. However, it's critical that pregnant women avoid exposure to oil-based paints and latex paints that contain biocides and glycol ethers.

3 Hidden Home Hazards to Be Aware of During Pregnancy

Even though it's safe to paint your nursery yourself with acrylic paint, it may be best to hire painters in Birmingham to do the job for you to keep chemical exposure to paint fumes to a minimum.

2. Household Cleaners: It's estimated by the American Association of Poison Control that 92% of all poison exposure occurs at home. During pregnancy, it's important to limit chemical exposure for yourself and your unborn baby by monitoring the cleaning products that you use around the house.

Common exposure to chemicals in air fresheners, household bleach, and other cleaners could increase the risk of a baby developing asthma later on in life. Pregnant women are urged to read product labels carefully to avoid chemical ingredients like formaldehyde, ammonia, bleach, sodium hydroxide, and hydrochloric acid.

3. Tap Water: Even though you're encouraged to drink water like a fish while pregnant to stay hydrated, the type of water that you drink does matter. Based on the guidelines of the Clean Water Act, levels of toxins are still permitted in citywide water systems.

While pregnant, this can leave you vulnerable to a number of illnesses caused by contaminants in the water supply; possible contaminants include pharmaceuticals, industrial waste, and even radioactive substances. To provide your unborn baby with the safest source of water, use a water purifier instead. It also helps to run the water tap for up to a minute to flush out contaminants and clean the faucet head regularly.

So there you have it - while pregnancy doesn't have to be a time of fear and paranoia, it helps to understand how hazards around the house can affect the health of your unborn baby. As a pregnant woman, it's critically important to avoid routine exposure to the chemicals listed above.

When cleaning the house or painting the nursery, make it a priority to keep your home well-ventilated by opening windows and doors. Pregnant women can also use natural cleaning products as an alternative, like baking soda to scrub kitchen appliances and bathtubs.

For a happy and healthy pregnancy, stick to the guidelines above to give your little one the best care possible before they enter the world!

3 Hidden Home Hazards to Be Aware of During Pregnancy

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