Three Ways To Communicate With Unborn Baby

Would you like to find out more about tips on communication with unborn baby? The information in the article below comes from my personal experience with special knowledge and training about the ways to communicate with unborn baby or foetus.

The more reliable information about ways on communication with foetus you know, the more likely you are equipped with the knowledge to communicate with your unborn baby.


Consistency in communication

Communication is a learned behaviour. Consistency is an essential factor here to communicate with your foetus. For instance, I remember saying to my unborn baby, "Would you like to listen to music? If 'yes', kick once and if 'no', kick twice."

Sometimes, he kicked once and at other times there was no response because the message might not have reached him or he might have been too tired to respond. We need to be more patient and wait for a suitable moment to communicate with he or she again. It is important that we see that simply as a natural thing and not get too stressed up or come to a conclusion that something is wrong. Being calm and collected as much as possible is the key to making this form of communication a true success.


Identification the name of the baby helps to build identity of baby and gives him or her a sense of awareness.

I remember that I gave many choices of the names to my third child. I asked him to kick when he liked the name. He did not respond to me from 20 weeks to 30 weeks of my pregnancy. I was a bit frustrated initially. Later, it dawn on me the baby might think the name was not suitable for him. Therefore, I asked myself to be more patient. At 31 weeks of my third pregnancy, I had given him a few new choices of name. To my surprise, he responded this time. He kicked every time when I asked him whether he wanted to call himself "Zhi Le" which means wisdom and joy. From then onward, we called him Zhi Le. He was happy to respond to us when we called his name. What I learned from my experience was I needed to be patient and respect his pace and decision.

Introduce the people

You can introduce father, mother, siblings, grandparents and caretakers to the unborn baby. It helps to make him or her more familiar with the people around him or her. You may describe the people whom you introduce to your foetus in detail whenever possible.

For instance, mother says to the baby, "Your daddy's name is Peter. He is tall and wears glasses. He loves to play football and read books. He loves you."

Introducing a proper communication channel or signal, dialogue with unborn baby and introduce the people around baby ease the communication.

Now you can be a confident mother on tips of communication with foetus. But you should have something to share on your tips on communication with unborn baby. Keep practice on these ways and share your finding with others.

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Three Ways To Communicate With Unborn Baby

Ms Mak Wai Chong, a mother of 3 children, is a freelance trainer and counsellor. She has worked as social worker and counsellor for 17 years. Visit her website at for prenatal training and parenting information and FREE newsletters.